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Hello my labs! :)  My long weekend was well-spent with a lot of activities and events.  Speaking of events, as the title of the post says, I...

Hello my labs! :)  My long weekend was well-spent with a lot of activities and events.  Speaking of events, as the title of the post says, I was one of the invited guests to the #MommyFleurDay!  The Mommy Fleur Day is a celebration of Fleur's 4th year blogging anniversary.  Instead of her usual bonggang giveaway, she had a "Fans" Day (yup, that's what I call it because I'm one of her avid readers and fans as well!) where everyone who knew each other online are now offline, live in person! :)

DIY Greeting standees made by Fleur's Hubby, Alvin, and cute daughter Anika

The Star of the Day - Ms. Fleur Sombrero of Mommy Fleur
 There was a shower of raffle prizes, a gluttonous food buffet and parade of stars too! :)  Fleur's celebration was a blast!  I was late (because I came from a weekend bonding with my family) and I also left early (because I had a band gig that night.)  But the over-an-hour-stay I had there was worth it!

In action while giving out raffle prizes generously

Rawai Skylounge was jam-packed with friends, readers and fellow bloggers

Everybody had fun that awesome #MommyFleurDay
It was my second time to meet Mommy Fleur (I'm a huge fan of hers) and I was so glad to be able to make it there (sadly not on time lang!)  I was able to talk to Wowa.  When I had a chance to talk to Wowa, I knew instantly kanino nagmana si Fleur!

Mommy Fleur and Mommy Practicality  (hong-bongga-lang!)

With my instant ka-chikahan, the famous and gracious Wowa, Mommy Fleur's mom.
I met a lot of my fellow bloggers for the first time/second time and what was heart-melting too was meeting some of my readers there as well! :)

With fellow mom/bloggers: Sha, Em Tiquio, Maggie, Peachy amd Aimee.

I am so happy to meet some of my blog readers too!  :)
 Here are the other highlights of the event:

#MommyFleurDay Activities

Super yummy food at the party

Paper plates, paper cups and wooden spoons and forks by Paper Chic Studio

Salamat din Fleur for the invite!  Ang saya lang talaga!
Cakes and macaroons for giveaways!  
My boys D and W posing with the cake before namin lafangin ito! :)
So there you have it loves!  It was a short but sweet event which I attended.  Pinilit ko talagang makapunta even if I was time-constraint and amidst the rain and traffic.  Kasi naman, Mommy Fleur Day to eh, di dapat ma-miss!  Thank you once again Fleur for the invitation, hope to see you again in one of the blogging events or just plain playdate for more chikas!  Continue inspiring others as you have inspired me.  God bless you and your family and more power to Mommy Fleur! :)

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  1. Hi Louise, it was so nice meeting you there :) super fun ng party no? i hope there would be a next time. if you have a get together, join ako ha? ;)

  2. Hi Nerisa! Yup of course! Nice meeting you too! Thanks for approaching me sis! Have a great great day dear! :) Take care!

  3. Lally Ruth M. GonzalesAugust 28, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    hello mommy Louise....tama si mommy nerissa, dapat may mommy Louise day din...yey..:-D

  4. Louisse, it was nice to see you again! The first time I saw you was at the blog inspired workshop by Martine pero di tau masyado naka-chikaness that time. Anyway, next time uli! Join our playdates too ah! :)

  5. It was really nice seeing you too Sha! :) Yes please sama ako sa playdate so we could make more chika!!! :)

  6. Hi Lally! Nahiya naman ako sis! Kapag nag-4 years din ako like Mommy Fleur sige! hahaha! Thanks thanks have a great day! :)


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