Words With Witty Wessie Vol. 2

Halloo halloo loves!  On a positive note, Maring gave me more time with the family lalo na with the kids.  With this, I was able to converse...

Halloo halloo loves!  On a positive note, Maring gave me more time with the family lalo na with the kids.  With this, I was able to converse and closely observe how my toddler processes his thoughts at such a young age and how he expresses himself through words even if he's still bulol.

That's why I launched the #WordsWithWittyWessie feature on my blog.  See the first volume here.  So now, here's the second volume! :)


Wes: Mommy can I play with the iPad?

Me: I'm sorry it's still charging remember it's lowbatt?
(Dahil iniiwasan kong maglaro nang maglaro ng tablet.  Kahit the other night pa siya nag-rerequest kungpwede mag-laro ng Temple Run at Minion Rush - kunwari nag-chacharge pa rin)

Wes: What?! Not again!

Me and Mac were left dumbfounded at nagtataka saan niya nakuha yun?  Eh 2 years old pa lang siya!


WWWW#2: Concept of Big and Small

While Mommy was washing Wessie's pwet after making poopie...

Wes: My poopie is small Mommy noh?  Because Wessie is small.

Me: Yes Wes!

Wes: How about your poopie?  It's big mommy noh because you are big?

Me: (Nahihiya at natatawa) Ah, yes Wessie that's correct!

He did the same analogy for his patootsy and his dad's patootsie!  Di ko na lang i-eelaborate! hihihi! :)


WWWW#3: Using Spoon and Fork

While eating dinner, and ang ulam ay tilapia with bean sprouts, kamatis at pulang itlong, ang Daddy niya ay nagkakamay because masarap kumain nang nakakamay kapag yan ang ulam.

Wessie, nanita sa Daddy niya from his high chair:

WES: Daddy! (galit ang tone!)  Why are you using your hands?  That's Eeewl!  Dirty!  Use Spoon and Fork!

Daddy:  (Nagpapaliwanag pa at ayaw papigil kasi nga masarap magkamay) No baby, sometimes only, I also washed my hands.

WES:  No Daddy!  Use spoon and fork for eating!

Me:  Oo nga naman, spoon and fork Daddy for eating, diba teach by example nga?


So there you have it, ang aming bulinggit na hindi mo malaman saan niya pinagpupulot ang mga naiisip!  It's crazy and amazing how their little minds work noh?

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  1. Found you over at Life as a CEO's page. had fun reading this. smart guy you have there :)

  2. http://www.brownpinay.comAugust 26, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    Conversation like our kids are really precious, such a wonderful perks of Mommyhood.

    My eldest daughter is already 20 yrs old while my youngest is 10 yrs old. How I miss those napaka clueless conversation, Although now ibang level of conversation na. With my eldest may halong lovelife na while my youngest all about guitars, toys, school at iba pang medyo hindi ako familiar na techie words.

    Enjoy parenting

    **its my first time here so allow me to stalk and read your blog posts. God Bless :)

  3. madammisismummy.wordpress.comAugust 26, 2013 at 6:48 PM

    it was nice meeting you at Fleur's party, Louise! Sama ka sa next playdate!

  4. Hi dear! Nice meeting you too! Sorry I had to leave early! YES!!! Gorabels sa playdate! :) See you soon! :)

  5. Oh my, I have a 10 year old and he once spoke to me about not having a wife na lang but rather take care of me when I'm old daw! I'm like? WHAAT??? hahaha! Our kids could really spark brightly our days! :) Thank you Cielo for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy reading through my posts. I'm visiting yours now! :) Take care!

  6. Thank you Camille! Hope you enjoy the rest of the posts I have here! Take care and hope to see you in person too! :)


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