Mommy Practicality Make-Over Project Entries

Dear loves, I know this is such a long overdue announcement of winner of my Mommy Practicality Make Over Project FB Contest. I compiled al...

Dear loves, I know this is such a long overdue announcement of winner of my Mommy Practicality Make Over Project FB Contest.

I compiled all entries and also the short descriptions which came with them which I want to share it with you.  The entries are ALL GOOD, that's also the reason why I am having a hard time choosing the winner.  

Without further adieu, here are the nominees for the Best Entry to the Mommy Practicality Make-Over Project contest (parang Golden Globe awards lang!)  Drum roll please...


From RUBY BHENG ABOY"Great performer" singer, dancer, cook, baby sitter, friend playmate and best housewife!!..
And that makes us a super momma!!

Hi Ms. Louise  Here's my 8 yrs old daughter's entry. Ciara is now in grade 2, and loves to do artworks. She put musical notes as a design because she noticed that you are holding a microphone, she asked me if you are a music lover and i said yes, you are a good singer too!  Hearts, to show how much you love your family and stars because my daughter believes that every mom is a superstar in the eyes of her children  Sorry if there's no feet because you're wearing long gown daw eh

Hi Louise, this is Neo's version of#MommyPracticalityMakeOverProject.
The dress was a mess but since I'm a proud mom
From LEOVELYN VINAS RAMOSI made this project together with my daughter which I think really represent Mommy Practicality. We made it a colorful one specially on the skirt part because i think mommy practicality has a very happy and colorful life. We paired it with a simple white shirt with a big heart in the middle for her top because white symbolizes purity and heart symbolizes love, and I think mommy practicality has a pure and big heart, it shows on how she makes it a point that she has time to spend with family despite her busy schedule. We also paired it with a simple pair is shoes, flats in particular just to pair it with the simple, on-the-go style of the dress, which I think represents mommy practicality who is always on the go.. We also put a pink shawl because I know for a fact that mommy practicality is a singer. So just to put in a little drama that would show her being a singer we decided to add a shawl.. 

I think my entry should win because we worked hard for it and I made an effort to think of something that would represent mommy practicality but at the same time a simple one because just so you know, my daughter is only 3 years old, so I really have to guide her all the way, I even had to hold her hand in tracing the lines and putting color so that the outcome of the project will not be messy! But you know what, I enjoyed it, and I know my daughter enjoyed it too because she was just starting to learn how to write, and play with colors. This is going to be our first artwork together. Thanks to you mommy practicality!

From BETH P. ANDRESHere's my 9 years old son's Entry. His name is John Jude Michael Andres and he really tried
is best to make the drawing very colorful. I think it is cute. He loves crafts & arts as much as I do.
Hope he would bring home the bacon. God Bless & more power!


Here's my & my 7 y/o daughter's entry to the#MommyPracticalityMakeOverProject
I asked my daughter what she thinks after reading your profile, she said, "Every Mom is great. Every Mom who loves her family so much & who does everything for the family & her home deserves to be a Queen," and we came up with this idea about Mommy Practicality.
My daughter and I think that Mommy Practicality while doing her passions in life is still the Queen of her own kingdom - her home. While doing the things she love outside the house, she also manages to take care of her family & her home. While doing household chores, she still finds time to make herself beautiful inside and out. We see her as a woman who stands out in whatever she does, may it be the simplest things inside the house or the biggest challenges in the corporate world.
So there you have it!  The revelation of the winner will be finally finally announced tomorrow!

If you were in my place, who would you choose to win?  Good nighty loves! :)

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  1. like ko po yung ke Ruby.. Super momma!

  2. Sige let's see who wins. :) Thanks dear Istin! :)

  3. It is difficult to choose the winner. There are many lovely entries and from such young kids. Good luck to the participants.


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