Good Vibes Long Weekend

Hi there loves!  Did you vote for the next leaders in your respective Barangays yesterday?  I did.  I usually worry about the indelible ink ...

Hi there loves!  Did you vote for the next leaders in your respective Barangays yesterday?  I did.  I usually worry about the indelible ink on my forefinger out of kaartehan, hahaha!  But I'd rather have it messed up than not exercise my right to vote.  Tomoh!

How was your weekend?  Ang sarap ng long weekend, especially to working moms like myself.  We get to spend extended bonding days with the family doing even the simplest things.  Around this weekend, we're usually seen in Halloween parties or Trick or Treat events with the kids.  But we opted to take advantage of the free hotel accommodation I got with some dining and gaming gift certificates that came with it.  It would be such a waste not to use it because it will expire at the end of the month.

It was, as my title says, GOOD VIBES weekend for us.  I hope you too had a great time with the family.  Kapalit nga lang ng good vibes na yan are body aches and a little gastos, mind the "little" sa gastos, but it was all worth it.  Seeing your kids so happy and excited will always be priceless!  I know we've imprinted another wonderful memory in their happy childhood memory bank.

We spent our staycation at Remington Hotel at the Resorts World Manila last Saturday.  It is the budget hotel in Newport City, Pasay.  Unfortunately it has no swimming pool so it was a no-swimming staycation for the kids.  But having Newport Mall just right across the hotel meant having an activity-filled stay for the whole family

For dinner, let me just tell you that we had a great customer experience at Passion Restaurant located at the 2nd floor of the Maxims Hotel.  The staff there, specifically Geron Teng, was courteous, friendly and efficient.  We came there with our haggardness look compared to the others dining there at that time who looked really mayaman, kami mukhang dukha.  hehehe!

We were given the same treatment as they did the other foreign guests or businessmen dining there at that time.  Aminin niyo muthers sometimes, may discrimination sa mga ganyan sa restaurants or even some retail shops diba?  Yung mukha kang galing ng palengke, they think you can't afford that's why they snob you or give you a lousy service.  We didn't experience that at all!  We were even given a discount unexpectedly.  Overall it was a wonderful experience for us.

The kids had a grand time at Game Zoo!  They took home a big stuffed toy from endlessly trying their luck in the Carnival Games: Shoot The Ping Pong Ball in the Bowl and Tic Tac Toe.  I'm glad they liked the manual games too apart from the computer/electronic games.  We tried videoke, basketball, instant pictorial and the 4D & 6D video showing too!  We all had a blast!

The following morning, we had breakfast at McDonald's found at the corner of Remington Hotel.  Our accommodation didn't come with free breakfasts so we ate there.  Happy meal for the kiddos and rice for us biggies.  Happy to have breakfast with the family and some close friends who also spent the night at the hotel.

We checked out at 12nn and went to Newport mall again for second round of games at Game Zoo.  But before that, we had a quick lunch at Cafe Maxims.  While waiting for our food, Daddy Practicality and I had our "Selvies" and my little Wessie was appreciating the sculpture at the entrance of Maxims Hotel.

Wessie: Mommy, look, there are so many pwets!

Me: Ah yes, two pairs!

Wessie: One for Mommy and one for Daddy!

Me: Correct Wessie!  Very good!

Wessie: Look mommy, that's a Big Bird po oh, like Wessie, and Kuya and Daddy!

Me: (Laughing!) Ah correct, very good anak!

Wessie:  Also the other one has flower!

Me: (Embarrassed!) Tara na, lets eat!

Hay ang mga bata ngayon, nakakatuwa na nakakatawa!

We were super tired when we got home at around 5pm.  We had no yaya with us by the way ha.  That's why, sakit sa katawan ang pagbubuhat ng bagets and also my big bagella which contained kiddie essentials apart from my stuff (buong house in short!)  Here's my #OOD:

Fortunately, we still had enough energy left to visit the in-laws and bond with them through a few rounds of drinks while chatting and watching "No Other Woman" and a Thai romantic comedy film by Mario Mauer "Pee-Mak"!  Watch it, super halakhak levelz ang katatawanan!  Promise!

Mommy Thoughts:
Spending on experience or travel is sometimes better than spending on material things or toys for the kids.  It's all about quality time in making the children happy!

~It was all good vibes long weekend for me and I hope I sent some good vibes energy to you as well!  Kayo loves, how was your weekend?~

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  1. I definitely agree with the discrimination thing, well It was good that you guy's have treated so well,
    good job to them.. and the conversation of a bird and flower is really funny.. kiddos nowadays
    are really matalino ..hihihi..

  2. aw. ang sarap naman ng looooong weekend nyo. i agree with spending time through experience and travel for some are better than spending material things on kids. Lalo na kids who can understand na. memories will last.

  3. hehehehe @Jocris Mangubat ang kulet ng mga toddlers. You'll be just so amazed at how their little brains work and how they process a thought or come up with an idea diba? Regarding the discrimination in stores or restaurants.. it's sad that it's happening no? :) Oh well, bless them na lang.. :)

  4. Yes yes yes @Nerisa to what you said! Invest in their happy memory bank. :)


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