Let Go of Your Pain and Become The Better You!

Hello muthers, as I am writing this, I am overwhelmed with a lot of wonderful feelings.  They are such good vibes that I want to spread it a...

Hello muthers, as I am writing this, I am overwhelmed with a lot of wonderful feelings.  They are such good vibes that I want to spread it all out to you.

Honestly, my day at work didn't start right.  You know how it is sometimes when you're confronted with a lot of conflicts and issues at work right?  There's so little you could do sometimes which is not commensurate to the amount of expectations people have on you.  But I'm not going to talk about that here.  Nope.

Lately, I have been receiving superb blog blessings here and there.  These are projects for my humble blog which I welcome with all my heart because they all came at the right time.  I'll give you an example.  I have long been self-complaining about my face and then I was given an opportunity to get a free treatment which I badly wanted.  I had a terrible looking hair and voila, a hair makeover knocking at my door.  I was having bad days at the office and tadah, a free massage in one of the product evens (a product I use because I believe in!) I attended lately.

Some of these things, binulong ko kay Lord.  The extras I receive, BONUS Niya!  I give thanks to HIM for showering me with so much love, even when I feel I am not worthy. I wasn't like this before.  I wasn't as appreciative of people and things I have.Let me tell you a little story about myself.

Rewind: The Not So Goody Me
We all go through rough roads in more than one point in our lives, that street called PAST, to be exact.  I did.  Two of the most dreadful parts were when I almost died of childbirth and a failed marriage.  In those dark and unfathomable depressing times, I questioned HIM.  I felt unloved by HIM.  I felt left out.

I went on my life as I would have it.  I acted based on how I think I should do it.  I rebelled.  I chased for what would make me happy but it was all temporary.  I still felt incomplete.

Until I surrendered.  I went back to attending Sunday massess and started serving Him by singing in a choir.

From then on, my life changed slowly.  I felt more at peace and I started appreciating little things.  I was happy at the most simple life events.  I felt complete even if wasn't in a relationship.  I deeply enjoyed being a mother to my son.  Then somewhere along the transformation, I met Daddy Practicality.  We started out as good friends, as band mates.  Out of it, a beautiful relationship blossomed and everything fell into its right places.

Giving Back: Becoming The Better You
Like myself, I know there may be some of you who had tumbled or who's still in a deep pit hole.  You may have been holding on to your pride, to so much hate, to some regrets, to a heartache, to a painful memory and to everything that's keeping the sadness alive.  You feel like you want to endure it for as long as you can and tell yourself that it will make you stronger or that it will make you wiser.  But in the process, you are limiting yourself from becoming the better person.

LET GO.  Commit not to hurt the other person that caused you your pain, but commit to yourself that you will be a better person.  It's easy to say but hard to do.  That's true.  But how will good things start to enter your life if you've shut down your heart to them?  Slowly forgive and try to forget the pain of the past and move on to engaging yourself in activities that will make your life more meaningful.  Love yourself more.

Find your life purpose and stick to it.  Ask yourself, What is it really that I want?  Where do I really want to be right now?  What does fulfill me?  What truly makes me happy?  Your answers will give you clearer hints on your next steps in becoming the person you may have never thought you could be.

Why did I bravely say that?  It's because, honestly, I never thought that I would start blogging with a purpose to help and inspire.  I never thought that I could touch lives with what I write and become an instrument for their change.  I didn't imagine that people will trust me more when a bunch doubted me in the past.  All of these, I didn't expect I could have or I could attain, but I dreamed.  From a bad past, I overcame my self-criticism, my self-doubts and hopelessness by focusing on doing what is good for myself and my family and on affecting other people by telling them, there's Hope.  

When you stick to a purpose, your life will follow just one direction.   This direction will lead you to the Better and Brighter YOU!  And when you do become one, your positive energies will just flow like a river, constant and unstoppable.  You will not notice have far you've gone and how many you've affected

Spreading these goodness to others by inspiring them to also do the same is already giving back to HIM.  When that happens, blessings will just pour even on moments you least expect them.  I know that very well because I am overwhelmed right now with so much good things happening in my life.  

If you're feeling down right now while reading this, tomorrow is another day.   There's always HOPE!

But if you're experiencing the same way I am now, then SPREAD it!  You are blessed.  Infect others with your positive outlook in life.  Make them want to be as happy and as peaceful as you are by teaching them how.  Inspire them.  Help them.  Lead them.  Be a blessing to them.

Start your journey now on becoming the BETTER YOU!   With that let me leave you with this beautiful quote:

~ Tell me, did you experience pain in your past?  How did you let go of it and become a better you? ~

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  1. Sheena Mamaril MalateOctober 25, 2013 at 8:58 AM

    Nakakarelate ako sa post mo. I've experienced pain and sufferings, too. But through God's help, naintindihan ko yung wisdom na gusto nyang iparating why those things happened.

    Let go, so you can breath. Masyadong mahirap mag-move on sa buhay na full of grudges, pain and hurt. Letting these 'garbages' go will make the travel to life lighter.

    Everything in life happens for a reason, according to God's plan. He let us experience pain and sufferings so we can call Him, to know Him better, to leave it all unto Him, to trust and to believe in Him. Truly, God uses things and these experiences to teach us. I am glad that you already found your purpose.

    Continue serving Him, for nothing is impossible in Him.

    "Philippians 4:6-7 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

    God bless sis! Have a great day ahead! :)

  2. Sheena Mamaril MalateOctober 25, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    May I add, God is truly amazing. He blesses us, suprisingly, and HE knows what we really need before we ask Him. People just don't look around for the beautiful things that God is providing us, like good health, loving family, air that we breath, safety, and so on..but instead, they are only seeing their problems and start questioning God, "Why?".

  3. I couldn't agree more @Sheena Mamaril Malate! :)

  4. Thank you @Sheena Mamaril Malate for this such wonderful sharing! I am blessed because I have readers like you who I could relate to and who intelligently shares her point of view or perspective of life. God bless you and your family as well! Have a great day too! :) huuugs!

  5. "your positive energies will just flow like a river, constant and unstoppable" - I love this!

    Very inspiring post Louise! I've come to realize that once you've gotten past the hurt and you start forgiving others, that's when the blessings start pouring in like an avalanche! :-)

  6. God sure is working in our lives, even if we don't feel like it, or the pain is too intense. But He really does want to lead us to Him so we could experience His joy and peace.

  7. I come from a broken family, I experienced being cheated on and there are times when people put me down so bad that I stop believing that I will ever be good enough. Then God sent our two little angels. It was then that I realized that there's no point in constantly looking back at the bad things that happened and getting stuck in a miserable world. I have so much to look forward to with my family so I just let go and let God. :) It didn't happen in a day, of course. It took time and lots of effort, but all the time and effort are well worth the beautiful life I have now.

  8. Hello @Aimee Diego thanks my dear! I've written this because I felt so positive and I want to share that there's a rainbow after the rain. :) God blesses us in unexpected and mysterious ways! :)

  9. Hello @Kimberley Reyes, we all experienced hurt or pain in different levels of intensity. But there's no point in holding on to the pain when whatever happened has happened and we cannot go back in time to correct. What we can do is to move on and learn from our mistakes and be better than what we were yesterday. :) God gives us blessings. One of which is our family... our children. Imagine, what a miracle it is that a life is being formed inside our bodies? Haay, there are so many things to thank for. We are all blessed and it's our duty to share our blessings to others. :)


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