My Shocking Encounter with The MVP

Hello loves!  As I write this, I'm still shocked at a very recent life/work event which happened the other night. I shared this on my ...

Hello loves!  As I write this, I'm still shocked at a very recent life/work event which happened the other night.

I shared this on my personal Facebook account and it received quite a number of likes and a thread of comments from close friends.  Here's a screenshot of my Facebook status:

Yes, you read that right!  I almost bumped into The MVP!  For those of you who doesn't know, he's the owner companies such as: Smart, PLDT, Meralco and some known hospitals, to name a few.  We breath and live with MVP group of companies.  Nakakaloka my encounter!

My face was half foot and a half close to his.  I was staring at him at around 3 seconds and was brought back to reality at a snap when he just smiled at me.  The guard of course frowned at me!  Kakainis, I should have extended my hand for a handshake and a proud introduction of myself.. or sana I handed my resume!  LOL!

But I won't forget this short but memorable experience because it's not everyday that I get to see up close the owner of the company I work for.  In that short encounter, I sensed a down-to-earth, no-non-sense and a real gentleman in him.

In other news, Have you been reading these statuses on your Facebook news feed from friends of families?

I've been in 42 relationships

I think I like someone, what should I do?

My mom arranged me for a blind date

Someone invited me to be a prostitute, what should I do? 

I forgot to wear my underwear today.

I am going to confess something, support me.

I still love my ex.

We are getting married in a few days.

Hehehe!  Silly noh and if you read that from let's say a friend who's with a long-time boyfriend that they're getting married in a few days or read from a friend who recently broke his/her heart that he/she likes someone, you'll get curious right away and will care to LIKE or COMMENT diba?

Well,.if you do like or comment, you'll be tagged in this new Facebook status game going around.  Just like changing your profile picture to a photo of a giraffe because you answered the given riddle wrongly.  This time, if you comment of like, you will have to choose from any of those statuses to post on your timeline for at least a day, if you are game and not a KJ. :P

So there's my short kwento for the day.  How about you?  Was there something extraordinary that happened to you recently?  Share niyo naman! :)

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