Our 2013 Halloween Trick or Treat

Hello loves!  As I write this, I'm just counting the hours until it's back to reality, back to work.  But before that happens, which...

Hello loves!  As I write this, I'm just counting the hours until it's back to reality, back to work.  But before that happens, which is just a few moments from now, let me share with you the Trick or Treat my kids experienced during the last day of October.

Wait!  What?!  It's already November!  I cannot believe it!  2013 is almost done!  I have two more awaited events this year until it's done - my Birthday and of course, Christmas!

Anyway, I posted before a long list of Halloween Trick or Treat events around the metro.  If I would categorize them by place, they are mostly at malls or hotels.  It could be a bit crazy to attend events at the malls and a bit pricey naman in hotels.  Last year, we went to three Trick or Treat events and the result, pagoda lotion to its highest levelz.

This year, I opted to go to just one, an organized office Trick or Treat.  Around 20 floors fully decorated with different child-friendly themes.  Each floor had activities, games and treats for all visiting children.  I brought my kids to the office and they had a blast.  My older child had a reunion with children of my colleagues whom he sees every office parties or activities such as this.  This year naman was my younger one's third time in the office.

Let me share some highlights with you:

Wes as Buzz Lightyear
Brothers in costume.  Kuya as Super Basketball Hero and Wes as Buzz Lightyear
A very creative Pocoyo Puppet Show
Wessie borlog right at the Trick or Treat program start
While little one was sleeping, I went around with Kuya first
Back on his wide awake rhythm, Wessie starts to go around for his treats
Aminin niyo, kilala niyo to!  None other than SHAIDER!  That's my cosplayer officemate Glenmark!
My little one with the BEAR-y cure gigantic Teddy Bear!
Picture with the two before the little one gets cranky!
Cute photobooth at our office floor!
Takeaways from the Halloween Trick or Treat:

  1. Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  You will be going around with the kids and will be carrying their treats or the little one will ask to be carried by you.  You don't want to carry heavy load in heels right?  No poise.
  2. Make sure your kids like their costume and are comfortable in it too! 
  3. Let your kids be kids.  They can never be too old or too big to join Trick or Treat events.  My 10-year old is not embarrassed to be in costume and ask for treats.  He enjoyed a lot as he does every year and still look forward to next year's events.
  4. If you have a toddler, make sure they get enough naps or rest in the morning.  He/She needs the energy for the loaded Halloween event.  Mine didn't take a nap, hence, he's borlog right at the program start!  Waah!
  5. Aside from their pumpkin pail, bring an extra eco-bag with you.  Empty their pumpkin pails by transferring the treats into your bag.  This way, they don't have to be burdened carrying the heavy pail.  This will also mean, more space for all those treats!
  6. Always bring drinking water with you.  The activities could wear the kids down and hydration is important in between the busy trick or treating.
  7. Bring extra clothes. powder and towel.  Our kids could get hyperactive during the activities and perspire a lot.  Just in case their backs get wet due to pawis, you don't have to go all the way back to your starting point.  You can change them in dry and comfortable clothes.
  8. Don't ever forget your camera or phones!  Document their fun, excitement, amazement, laughter and unexpected moments!

So there you have it, our fun Trick or Treat this year!  How about you?  Where did you go this year and how was your experience?

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  1. wow. mukhang super enjoy ang mga bagets mo, muther. sana meron din dito sa office namin nyan...

  2. Yes Nerisa, super enjoy.. ako bilang stage mother ay ang SOBRANG pagoda lotion to the highest levelz talaga. As in super sakit ng katawan ko afterwards! Where did you have your trick or treat sis? :)

  3. Sheena Mamaril MalateNovember 5, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    Nice! It is good to see that your family enjoys this occasion. Sana maisama ko na yung baby ko next time sa mga ganyang event! 1 year old pa lang kasi siya. Excited na akong bihis bihisan sya, sa ngayon kasi cranky sya pag sinusuotan ng mga anik anik. Heheheh :)

  4. Yes Sheena! For the kids, I try to expose them in different events and occasions where they may explore their senses and socialization with other people. This will build their confidence and self-esteem as well! Ang saya bihisan talaga ng kids! :)

  5. Sheena Mamaril MalateNovember 6, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    Thanks for this tip Ms. Louise! :)


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