Weekend Bonding With Kids

Don't you just love it when weekend arrives?  I do!  These are two special days I await every week because these are days I get to spend...

Don't you just love it when weekend arrives?  I do!  These are two special days I await every week because these are days I get to spend quality time with the family.  As a working mom, it's really a luxury for me to be able to spend two whole days with the kids especially.

Just to share, we don't need to really splurge just to have fun.  The important thing is, when you're together with the kids, you make them feel that you're really present with them.  You pay careful attention to their needs and "paglalambing."  Sometimes they just want to mess with your hair, feel the warmth of your hug, ride your back and play silly with you in the morning.  Ang sarap ng feeling when you hear your children's endless laughter.  I love tickling them and smelling both their underarms (yup I still smell my panganay's armpits!)  These are the times I look forward to every week and when I am with them, I unplug.  I don't check my phone much, I don't check emails that much, I only text people when important.  I use my phone mostly for capturing moments with them and sharing them on IG or FB.  It's still all about them. Here's one photo I posted last Saturday:)

Last Saturday, we just simply ate at the newly opened Jollibee branch in Pureza.  We all got so excited because it's just walking distance from our place.  In our house-clothes (na maayos naman) we went there to have lunch.  My Dandre told me to make sure we purchase P200.00 worth of food so he could exchange it with a Jollibee premium item. Simple joys make me happy.

I also met with one of my readers, Sheena, who won in my recent giveaway to hand her the prize.  We had a small chat about being a working mother and how it shouldn't stop us from effectively parenting our kids.  She texted me a really sweet message after our brief meeting.  Makes me more inspired to continue blogging. :)

That afternoon, we were supposed to watch "Frozen 3D" but was late for the movie showing, so we just had dinner and played at Worlds Of Fun.

Sunday came and gladly Macky took a leave from work to bond with us.  We attended mass at our favorite church, Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat, San Beda College chapel in Mendiola, Manila.  Then went malling and finally was in time for the Frozen 3D movie!  It was a milestone for my toddler because it was his first ever movie!  He was well-behaved and sat all throughout the movie.  I even changed his diaper where we were seated because we were both so hooked.  He also didn't want to go to the restroom.  Yan ang talent muthers!
Before dinner came, Macky bought me Brouges at ArtWork (pangsuhol ata!)  Dinner was at Seafood Island where we ordered a boodle of seafood and left all of us lazy kind of full!
It was a full weekend indeed!

How about you?  How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. Sheena Mamaril MalateDecember 3, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    Thank you din Ms. Louise for being so warm and friendly. Nabitin ako sa brief, mommy chitchat natin. Hehe! It is so nice meeting you and your cute kiddos. :)

  2. Talent ko rin yang magpalit ng diaper kahit saan. Hahaha! As for our weekend, we spent it at home with the kids and our close friends. Weekend barbecue ang trip namin ngayon. :p

  3. Tayo na ang Queen of Changing-Diapers-Anywhere!!! Uuuy KIM!!! Type ko ang weekend barbecue party!!!! :) Magawa nga!

  4. Aaww you're so sweet @Sheena Mamaril Malate Enjoy your facial! I super duper enjoyed it myself! Thank you for your kind words! Take care always!


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