Be Better, Not Bitter. 2014, Bring It On!

It's a new year once again and looking back, 2013 flew by so fast.  Don't you agree?  Questions that run through my mind now are: &q...

It's a new year once again and looking back, 2013 flew by so fast.  Don't you agree?  Questions that run through my mind now are: "Did I meet the goals I set for myself last year?"; "Did I accomplish something that changed my life for the better?";  "Did I do well at work?";  "Was I the person I envisioned myself to be - like a better wife or mother?"  Do you find yourself asking those questions too?  Honestly, not all of my questions were answered with a resounding YES.  In fact, I fell short at some of my targets.  But you see, even if it feels bad, there is no point in turning back and regretting the things I did or didn't do.  There's no point in getting disappointed for not accomplishing all the goals I set for myself (one of which is to lose weight, instead I gained these unimaginable kilos).

Goodbye 2013.  Hello 2014.  Where do I start?
So what is the point?  The point is, today is a brand new start!  You can always re-calibrate your goals and make it more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound!  This post is not meant to list my new goals this year.  I will do that on my offline journal and imprint it in my mind and heart with prayers of achieving it.

If you are like myself, who have unmet resolutions or goals last year, here are Five simple ways to ensure a positive brand new spanking year this 2014!

Forgive.  This does not only apply to people whom had hurt you in the past which could be a friend who betrayed you, a partner who cheated on you, a boss who thought you're not good enough or a neighbor who spread nasty rumors about you.  But you should also forgive YOURSELF.  Sometimes, we could be too harsh on ourselves.  Most of the time we blame or put down ourselves when things didn't turn out the way we wanted it to.  This is also true when you've hurt someone and you know in your heart that you're sorry for what you did.  Forgive yourself for whatever it is you've done whether intentionally or unintentionally and of course make sure you apologize to the hurting party too.  In forgiving, you clear your mind and open your heart for new things to happen in your life.  What a great way to start the year!
Let It Go.  The pain, the hurt, the disappointments, the failures, the fear and the hate should have no more room in your heart, in your life.  Let them go.  Start anew.  Don't drag yourself down with these extra baggage.  How could you open yourself to a new and better beginning if your heart is occupied with these negative feelings?  What happened in the past, had happened.  Let it go.  The job interview to your dream company you didn't pass, let it go.  The relationship that didn't work out, let it go.  Let go of everything that's keeping you from moving on.  When you do that, you are opening yourself to a new adventure and to a positive change.   That positive energy you'll emit will attract the same energy to your life.  So start this year right by letting it all go!

Learn.  It's good if you have chosen to let go of the bad experiences, the losses whether in your business or matters of the heart, and the failures in your life battles.  But it's better, if you bring with you the lessons so you learned from them.  Leave the ill feelings, but bring the learning with you this year.  Apply them to become the new and better you.  You could also choose to LEARN something new, something different.  Learn a skill you've always wanted to do.  Discover what other things you could do aside from what you're used to.  You'll never know your full potential until you try it.  Keep on learning!
Be Better.  Now is the best time to aim to become the new you.  Beat the negatives of yesteryear by coming out of those challenges as a Better You and definitely not a Bitter You.  I know all of us could be very competitive with other people and questions like who looks better, who wore it better or who has a better career float.  But don't get me wrong.  This isn't about competing nor comparing yourself with another person. This is about becoming the BETTER VERSION OF YOU.

Start.  Lastly, nothing will happen and nothing will be achieved if you don't START acting on your goals.  Yes, START!  You want a leaner body?  Start dieting or going to the gym.  You want a better relationship with your husband/partner?  Start loving, respecting and trusting more.  You want to be richer this year?  Start saving, accumulating and investing.  You want a better career?  Start looking for the job you want.  You want to lead a healthier lifestyle?  Start giving up the junk and start choosing healthier options.  Whatever your goals are for this year, you could only make it happen if you START.  The goal may be Big, Long and Hard (I know what you're thinking!  I meant, Big in magnitude, Long in terms of timeline to achieve  it and Hard to attain) but you have to take the first step.  The first step to anything is to START.
So, are you ready to become the sexier, fitter and healthier you this year?  Are you ready to earn and save more for your family's future?  Are you ready to ace your performance scores at work?  Are you ready to learn to whip up your husband's favorite restaurant meal or play your favorite song on guitar?  I am.  So let's forget the past and move on to the new year!  

Have a Bolder, Better, Brand New Year Loves!  May we all achieve our heart's desires, goals or resolutions this year!

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