Fresh From the Sinulog Festival in Cebu

Hello Loves!  I know right?  It's been five days since I wrote my last post.  If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that I just c...

Hello Loves!  I know right?  It's been five days since I wrote my last post.  If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that I just came from a recent Cebu business trip for the Sinulog Festival.  Yes, I could say it was mixed business and pleasure, but it's more of a business trip for me.  Who finds being away from your family (especially your adorable kids) pleasurable?  I don't, especially when it's more than three days.  But still, I am thankful for this travel opportunity that comes with my job.  To sum up my trip, here are my descriptions in ONE word (plus elaborated paragraph).

I was there for work so work it all were!  The crucial days for me when I'm out of town are the first three days.  Training, setting up booths, supervising activation, reporting performance back in Manila, computing expenses, budgeting and managing people closely.  There were expected of me more, because my bosses don't see you.  It's my responsibility to make sure everything will run smoothly.  If they don't, I should have contingency plans ready to back it up.  It was a bit stressful, and when I'm stressed, my acne seeds activate and they grow, just about everywhere!  Eeewl!

Anyway, the Sinulog Festival was craaaaazy!  It was traffic everywhere!  There was one night that I was stranded in my friend/colleague's hotel that I had to stay overnight, without changing clothes (as in nada, not even, you know!) because no taxi was willing to bring me back to my hotel.  Good thing was, I had free breakfast and I had loads and loads of bacon!  The following two days, streets were closed due to parades and street activities, hence walking became a past time of people there.  You have to walk to get from one point to another.  Walkathon at its finest talaga!

The Sinulog Mardi Gras and street party happened last Sunday, January 19.  The moment every Sinulog party people have been waiting for.  My young colleague, Ian, badly wanted to go because I played the role of manang KJ (Kill Joy) to him last year because I didn't go.  So this time, I had to make up for that so I came to party with him.  Wow, I know, mommy practicality parties?  Yup sometimes.  But admittedly loves, it's not my cup of tea anymore.  It's not my crowd too.  Most of the people on the streets were college students, yuppies and single persons ready to mingle.  One word: CRAZY!  Yes, everyone was crazily greeting everyone Pit Senyor almost like a chant.  Some where whistling to the  tune of the chant.  Half-naked good looking guys were offering free hugs to random people (I got one! hehe!) and people were throwing water or beer at just about anyone who passes their street.  Also, some put paint on your face or shirt while greeting Pit Senyor!  Everyone was just so jubilant and energetic!

Last year, I was on the plane with Marian Rivera, Rafael Rosell, Dennis Trillo and Raymond Gutierrez.  This time i was with Daniel Padilla on the plane.  I can hear myself singing "Ne Seyo na Eng Lehet!"  Here's the picture I took of him by the way:
Ang gwapo niya dyan no? Hahahaha!  I was supposed to take a perfect selfie shot with him when a fan waved her hand and hit mine.

Oh, and during the parade of floats, one of which was ABS-CBN's, the fan girl in me came naturally out.  I found myself shouting na kinikilig pa the names of JOHN LLOYYYD!!! I LOVE YOU!!!  and SIR CHIEEEEF!!!  hahaha!  My friend took a video of them and I couldn't believe I was screaming my heart out!  So kilig that time!

Whenever I'm in Cebu, I make sure I taste their famous Cebu Lechon!  It really tastes more delectable than the lechons I tasted in Manila.  I had lechon twice, one in SM and another in Zubuchon Restaurant in Escario Center.  Of course, I also look forward to unlimited bacon during breakfast!  I don't know what's with bacon and hotels, it has to come together!  My colleagues and I speak highly of bacon in Cebu and even compare bacons from one hotel buffet to another.  Now, I am craving for lechon!  We also went to Larsian and feasted with their grilled pork bbq, lechon manok, grilled pusit, itlog na maalat with tomato and onion and their famous puso rice.  Also, who couldn't resist danggit, dried mangoes and my favorite rosquillos?  I'm such a foodie, their all delicioso!

Every Cebu trip for me is different which truly makes it memorable.  Last year, I was still able to visit the Basilica de Sto. Nino.  This time, it was close because it's being renovated after parts of it got destroyed due to earthquake last year.  The Sinulog street party at Baseline and along the street of Escario was truly memorable for me because I almost got into two (2) scary-life-threatening (almost) stampede due to the influx of people in that narrow street.  While to others who may be a little tipsy, it was a thrill or an adventure that they kept pushing people in front obliviously, to people who have families like me, I feared for my life that moment.  What if just one person fell, clearly, there will be a stampede.  I prayed hard and all I wanted to do was go back to my hotel.  Thank God, He heard my prayers.  He protected me, prevented the stampede from happening and brought me safely back to my hotel.
I also met up with a good friend in Cebu and had a very good girl talk with her.  We had dinner at Portos and our desserts were all chikkas about life and relationships!  :)

So that sums up my recent trip to Cebu.  It was quite an adventure.  What I wanted to experience next time are the Skywalk, Zip Line from one building to the other, and just lay around the beach!  The best part of this whole trip?  It was when I got home to my loves, priceless feeling!  I missed my kids so much!

~How about you?  What's the latest adventure you've encountered?~

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  1. Hi mommy :) we have our own venue here in cebu.meron po buh kayo dito sa cebu. Para kasi sa first bday ng aking baby boy :) hope you can help me.kasi months are fastly approaching dn bday ng bby ko sa april 4 na po.hope I can receive your reply.thanks.:)

  2. Hello April, what exactly are you asking? Venue of jollibee in Cebu? You may check the list of Cebu branches of Jollibee in their websight. I know there's one in Escario right? :) Thanks.

  3. Hi ilang oras ba yung party??? May bayad ba oras sa party

  4. Usually two hours. use of function room is part of package. :)

  5. Hello po pag girl ung baby ano po theme n meron..

  6. Wala po bng spider man package?

  7. They're all so pretty! Great
    activities for kids. These days, most would just keep them occupied...and quiet
    playing games on their ipads

    Premature Children disabilities

  8. Hi,magkano po yung package for 30 person if only one chicken joy,spagetti,icecream and coke?

  9. Hello, better to ask the Jollibee store you intend to have a party in. They require guaranteed 30 pax order from their party menu. Thanks.

  10. Hello po mkisaya rn aq...nxtmnth bday ng gurl q...gs2 k snang held ang bday x package#1 and add nlng 5person pra x gs2 krn ng invitation,tarpaulin,balloons wth 35pcs....kelangan knlg ung total...thanks po asap

  11. Hello it's better if you contact Jollibee please. I just posted our Jollibee party experience and each party's cost may not be applicable or the same to another especially with the different inclusions. Thanks. I hope I was able to help you in any way with the preparation of your child's birthday. But I am in no position to do the costing for you. Thanks so much.

  12. MaJhomel De Pedro-de GuzmanOctober 16, 2014 at 1:13 PM

    sana may ELMO THEME sa jollibee =)

  13. Hi...can I ask kung sa amin nah vah yong birthday banner, pgka tapos nang party...

  14. No po, sa Jollibee ang banner. They will just put the name of your child. thanks.

  15. ask q lng po kung pede ibang theme like cars kc un favorite ng nephew q?

  16. I think pwede kang di kumuha ng character, just their Jollibee theme and bring your Cars themed materials. :) Thanks.

  17. Hanggang ilang Oras po ang party?


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