Thank You January!

January went by so fast as I finally sank into 2014 and also got used to writing 2014 on my dates too!  Now, recalling at how January was fo...

January went by so fast as I finally sank into 2014 and also got used to writing 2014 on my dates too!  Now, recalling at how January was for me, I could say that it's been good so far.  I would like to call this a blessing list.  By the way, while I type this post, I and hubby are recovering from flu which hit us at the same time.  Imagine that, we were just resting in the room for two straight days and couldn't do much because of back aches, head aches, cough and colds.  So here's how January went for me:

First on the list is my first-ever Gardenia Philippines bread factory tour.  It was a work-related trip, but I requested that while waiting for the meeting to start, we tour their 6K plant.  I will be coming back and definitely with my kids in tow!

My first out of town trip was when I went to Cebu City for the Sinulog Festival.  I sorely missed the family as I was there for five straight days.  I got to join the parade, taste their famous Zubuchon, got kilig at the sight of John Lloyd Cruz and of course, ate at Larsian and bought pasalubong at Taboan.  Before my flight I made sure I visited Sto. Nino Basilica.
When I got home from my first work trip, I immediately dated my sons to a dinner at Jollibee and made sure we buy the January issue of K-Zone.  My elder son Dandre was featured on that issue and here he is posing with the K-Zone in his hand pointing at his picture.  We submitted this entry August last year and we almost thought he'd never make it.  So we were all thrilled when his classmates flocked around him when one of them announced that he was on January's K-Zone issue.  He felt like an instant celebrity that time.  I'm so happy for him! :)
 Last year, I wrote about my Christmas wishlist.  One of my wishlists, was to finally be able to set up a home office so I could blog with more focus and do all my work stuff in one place.  Tada!  Here it is now, lovingly and patiently set up by hubby!  This makes me feel (more) motivated and inspired to write my thoughts on my blog and plan for where Mommy Practicality will be going this year! :)
Last but definitely not the least, I had a radio guesting on DWDD 1134 kHz AM Bloggers' Hour Program last January 31.  It's a milestone for the blog and I've said on my Facebook post, that God knows the desires of my heart for this blog, which is to be a channel to share, inspire, help and reach to more moms and women.  He is making it happen for me and I am truly blessed and happy to be able to talk about the blog, how it started and why I do it.  I'll be posting the video of the one hour interview as soon as I have it. :)

I also started my blog coaching with my friend Martine of Make It Blissful (formerly Dainty Mom) and the blog redesign will happen after I finish my coaching with her.  I've also accepted a brand ambassadorship project and my other blog projects continue to flow.

So there's my blessing list for this month, which I really think flew by so quickly.  I'm doing this partly because I've read in my Chinese horoscope by the way, that the year of the horse, doesn't necessarily mean a lucky year for a horse-born individual.  In career, I should be careful with colleagues and relationship with my boss.  In wealth, this year may be unstable.  On the lighter side however, horses are known to be have ingenious communication skills, are clever and kind to others, cheerful, perceptive and talented.  So instead of focusing on what's not so good about my year, I will just focus on and appreciate the blessings, month after month.  It's not that I firmly believe in Chinese horoscope readings.  I still believe that everything happens to us for a reason and the output will always be the result of the inputs and of course of our prayers.

~So how about you?  How was January loves?~

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  1. wow. blessings after blessings after blessings!

  2. Which is what I wish for everyone! :) Have a great day Nerisa! :)

  3. So happy for you Louise and hope that more blessings will come your way this 2014. And yes, I agree with you that all things happen for a reason that's why we can always be hopeful even when sometimes things doesn't seem right.

  4. Thank you Chin Chin! I wish the same for you this year! :-D God bless!


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