A Constipated Blog-Cation

Do you know how it feels like when you want to do the number two  (number one is to pee hihi!) and even if there's so much you want to l...

Do you know how it feels like when you want to do the number two (number one is to pee hihi!) and even if there's so much you want to let out, you just can't because you're constipated?  It feels heavy inside not to do something your system is supposed to do regularly.  That's how I have been feeling these past few days, not physically, but for blogging.

My blog has been on blog-cation lately.  Blog-cation for some may mean leisurely taking a break to live life so that they may have something to write about when they come back.  But that wasn't the case for me, my blog-cation was a case of constipation.  I didn't feel complete and healthy for not being able to write from the heart for several days.

Lately, I've been going through stressful and hard times at work, the place where I spend eight to ten waking and productive hours a day.  Imagine, those long hours spent away from your children only to feel stressed and pressured right?  What a waste then.  And instead of lashing it all out on the blog, I chose to take a break, a constipated blog-cation I would like to call it, to spare you from my work dramas.

If you're from the same class as I am, the average working Mommy Juana, you would be able to understand that all these stress, competition and hard times are part of the deal right?  The last thing you'd ever want to happen is to fail at something.  So when I'm not doing well at work, my writing emotions are not at their peak, hence I can't find enough inspiration to write about something wonderful to share.  I decided to take a (Constipated) Blog-Cation.

What happened during my Constipated Stay-Cation?
Let me get this straight, don't expect me love to talk about work, but instead, I would like to focus on the many wonderful things that transpired during those days that turned into weeks, to give you a message, that we may not always get what we want in life, we should focus instead on the joys of our lives to make us alive and put us back on track!

Recognition of Dandre
He was awarded for being a basketball enthusiast.  My son is one of only two varsity players from his batch and I'm glad I always allow him to play basketball in school because he didn't tell me of his tryout for their school's varsity team. :)

Brain Fit Studio Event
I attended an event last week where I had the pleasure to meet Mr. RJ Ledesma (I'm sure you won't forget the 80's Royal Tru-Orange TVC star!) and Mr. Anton Diaz of The Awesome Planet.  I was told by my friend that Mr. RJ Ledesma requested her specifically to invite Mommy Practicality.  Of course, palakpak tenga and nakakataba ng puso moments!  I will be blogging about it in the coming days! :)
Fun Ranch with Family
Last weekend, I was able to use our Fun Ranch GCs!  Both had ride-all-you-can tags and unlimited playtime in the indoor playground called Playdium!  Nothing beats seeing your children happy in de-stressing a working mom!  You'll be reminded oh, they are the reasons why you work so hard!  :)
Driver's License Story
I dropped my driver's license along a street I have no idea exactly where while we were on our way to the grocery.  Normally, I would feel depressed just thinking how hassle it would be to get an Affidavit of Loss, process renewal of my license and just fuss over a legal document that had gone missing!  But not this time.  Read through my personal Facebook status to know why! :)
SanMig Purefoods Event
SanMig Purefoods launched a mobile application that will help mommies like you and me plan their daily menus or search and whip up new meals or create something from what's available in your pantry or from your leftover food.  It's called My Great Food application. :)  Will also blog about it soon!
Got all these from attending the event, plus I won an Instagram photo contest unexpectedly because my phone's battery actually empty before the event ended!  Lucky Me! :)  Pwede nang hindi ako mag-grocery for days! :)
Book Finds At Book Sale Book Store
I posted this on Instagram and my Facebook Page and there were many who was so amused at how I was able to fine these good books for only Php 200.00 in total!  Diba?  Many also asked where I bought these.   Loves, I am a bargain hunter and a super practical mommy!  I buy my children's books at Book Sale Book Stores (available nationwide).  All you just need are: patience in looking for quality and almost new books, keen eye for good books and the strong desire to teach the love for reading to your kids. :)
F1 Hotel Family Staycation
This weekend, the family spent one night at F1 Hotel Manila in BGC along with other bloggers.  I am very happy that I was one of the chosen few to experience what this hotel has to offer and I tell you, everything was wonderful, to say the least!  We had a great time, the kids loved the pool and our family suite!
The most unforgettable experience was when we had a couple massage.  Other than having one of the nicest massages and relaxing ambiance, I had a funny boo-boo, that hubby even shared on his personal Facebook Timeline!  Nakakahiya talaga, but I too laughed at myself kasi if you were in the room and you heard what I said, for sure you'll crack up!

Therapist: Ma'am, ano pong pressure?  (Asking if soft, medium or hard.)

Me: It's 90 over 70.

Therapist: nagtataka sa sinasabi ko at napakamot ng ulo...

Hubby: Tinatanong niyang pressure ng masahe mo mahal, hindi yung BP mo!

Me: Ay sorry!  Medium pala!  

HAHAHAHA!!!  Sobrang lakas ng tawa ko seriously because of what I said!  But wait, eto kasi yun loves.  I've been going in and out of our office clinic and Makati Med for the past few weeks due to an injury.  So whenever I hear the word PRESSURE, BP agad ang nasa isip ko.  #Naexplain ko na ha! :)

I'm so thankful for the staycation (which I will write about soon too)!  Because of it, I felt rejuvenated and energized to get my groove back in blogging again!

So there you have it, I just had a special case of constipation, but now I'm not unwell anymore! :)

~ How's everyone doing loves?  How's your weekend?~

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  1. It's good that nailabas mo na constipated thoughts mo. Love the part about losing your license and cellphone that found their way to you. Galing ni God and the faith that you have!

  2. Nerisa / Baby Neo's MamaMarch 30, 2014 at 9:15 PM

    i miss your blog posts Louise :)

    Congrats to Dandre!

    im still crossing my fingers na babalik ung wallet and ids ko (like you)... and i love all those goodies. no need to do your grocery for a week :)

  3. I love staycations!!(: and a couple's massage sounds relaxing and rewarding to end the week/month.


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