What I Like About Working Mom Magazine (March Issue)

I received my copy of the Working Mom Magazine March Issue early this month!  Started reading it and I liked this issue in an instant becau...

I received my copy of the Working Mom Magazine March Issue early this month!  Started reading it and I liked this issue in an instant because the cover signals the official start of SUMMER, my favorite season! :)

This issue talks about the trendy colors that will liven up your wardrobe to various ways of melting the stress and pounds we took in during the past holidays, extended to New Year, Three Kings then Valentine's too!  So this time no more excuses!

They have a workout special which features different kinds of exercises and also diets that would help get us in shape in time for our next family vacation. I like the article written for Chef Pixie Sevilla, who lost a total of 40 lbs when she decided to diet.  It's really inspiring for moms like us because honestly, I am 10lbs overweight and I thought it's the end of the sexy-healthy-momma-dream for me.  After reading it, a spark of hope and motivation struck me and I'm ready than ever to lose all these extra pounds I gained for months and months of buffet eating last year.  I'm inspired not only to be sexy and fit, but to take care of my health all the more.

Now that it's school break for kids and admittedly, we may not always have that budget to go out of town, they compiled 10 best family parks in and out of the metro so that even within the city, you could have an awesome bonding time with the family which that kids will surely enjoy!  I do that even on school season.  I want my kids to experience good places in the metro where they may run and play and also be educated at the same time!

Also in the magazine: beauty queen Venus Raj and other successful moms share their stories on how they found and kept their confidence in spite of many challenges. Plus: celebrity moms reveal their funniest and most heartbreaking stories.

Lastly,Lexi, Nicole and Georgia Schulze celebrate love, family and sisterhood, showing their strong bond and revealing the influential women in their lives.   A particular insight from Lexi struck me when she said that just like any other normal married couples, they also have marital problems and sometimes don't always feel in love.  She said that it's normal (yes that's true) and all you have to do is be reminded of the best times, the friendship there is in marriage and of course the LOVE! :)

You can still grab Working Mom's March 2014 issue until today!  Also, I'm excited for their April issue because guess who's on their cover?  Celebrity Beauty Queen Mommy Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez and her adorable and pretty daughters!  Here's a photo preview of the magazine:

Thank you once again Working Mom magazine for sending me your copies!  Great job in making your magazine very informative, useful and helpful to busy working moms like me! :)

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