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As a working or stay-at-home mom, don't we always find ourselves stressing at being the super woman that we wish to be in order to meet ...

As a working or stay-at-home mom, don't we always find ourselves stressing at being the super woman that we wish to be in order to meet the demands at work, at home and from our kids?  Exhaustion often couples with stress resulting to dull skin, dry skin, haggardo versoza faces and worst (at least for me) acne breakouts!   That's why proper skin care is important for us moms.  Taking time each day to cleanse, tone and moisturize does wonders for our facial skins.

I had an opportunity to take this skincare to a different level.  A few weeks ago, I was offered to try different facial services (I call it major pleasant pampering) at Skinlux Aesthetic Center at the 3 Level of Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan, MM.   Special thanks to Martine De Luna for introducing me to SkinLux! :)

Let me tell you something about SkinLux Aesthetic Center.  It's not your ordinary facial spa clinic, it's so much more than that.  It boasts of signature facials for each skin type done by well-trained nurses who were trained by therapists brought in from Singapore.   Visiting the immaculately clean Skinlux give you a relaxing ambiance of both a professional looking laser clinic and a spa.  Let me give you a virtual tour of Skinlux:
I love the use of white in almost every corner of Skinlux's Aesthetic Center.  It gives an impression of cleanliness and professionalism but at the same time makes one feel secured and assured of quality service.  When you enter, to your right you'll see this white contemporary shelves where they display their Nelly Devuyst skin care products. 
Skinlux is a spacious skin center that boasts of its zen-inspired interiors.  This is their comfortable and inviting waiting area
They boast of their clean and large rooms such as these:
I love the use of greens in any white spaces.
Even their restroom is hotel-quality!
Before going through my facial treatments, I was first assessed by their clinical dermatologist.  Skin analysis is important before undergoing any treatment to ensure that you'll get the best and recommended procedure done.  
Here I am shown filling out a form prior to skin analysis.
Skinlux Aesthetic Center offers an array of facial, body treatment, combo treatment and laser hair removal treatments.  Based on my skin analysis, I was recommended to undergo combination treatment consisting of: Acne Facial, Blue Light treatment (for my current breakouts) and Revlite.

Their facials combine relaxation techniques that have been studied to increase circulation to the face, making absorption of the products better and more effective.  What I like most about my facial experience was that the procedure was done with a zen-inspired background music which added to the whole SPA experience.  In between the facial, another therapist was busy massaging my legs and feet, my arms and head too.  Talk about total relaxation loves!
Compare my before and after facial photos below.  You'll see an instant whitening and rejuvenating effect on my skin!

BEFORE: Hagardo Versoza face. :)
AFTER: Skin's lighter, softer and more relaxed!  Instant results, please don't mind my Hagrid-inspired hair.  It just came from a relaxing head massage by the efficient therapist! :)
My next treatment was specifically for the lightening and removal of active pimples or acne.   They call it the "Blue Light" procedure.  Here was machine used:
The treatment is non-invasive and I experienced no pain at all.   It concentrated on the parts where visible pimples were such as my chin, cheeks and nose area. 
The last installment of my combination facial treatment is the popular Revlite treatment.   Popular because I've been hearing about this from radio commercials of showbiz celebrities.   Good news!  It's available here at Skinlux!  This is how the Revlite machine looks like:
This was taken DURING the procedure (don't I look so chillax?). 
The RevLite Treatment Program addresses facial skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  It's an instant skin rejuvenation treatment that is quick, with immediate and long-term results and it has no downtime.  RevLite is a non-ablative laser which makes skin appear and feel firmer and smoother.

After my combination facial treatments, I instantly felt like I had new skin on me.  It felt soft, smooth and supple too!  The experience was relaxing just like how I feel every time I get out of a SPA.  Ginger tea was served after the treatment which made it a sweet ending.
While sipping my wonderfully prepared ginger tea, I was given a skincare prescription by the dermatologist.  She recommended that I use Nelly Devuyst skincare products as a perfect combination to the facial treatments I had.  Skinlux is the exclusive distributor of Nelly Devuyst products in the Philippines, a skincare line that is made in Belgium and held to the highest European standards.  They have products for any types of skin whether you have a sensitive one or a combination type like mine.
I've been using Nelly Devuyst Foaming Cleanser, Sensitive Skin Toner, Oily Skin Gel Cream and the SPF 30 Protection cream to protect my face from sunburn and sun damage.  So far, it's doing wonders for my skin and I noticed that I'm less oily! :) 
Thank you Ms. Beena Go and Dr. Anna Nolido of Skinlux Aesthetic Center for the unforgettable skin pampering experience I had.  When you said you offer high quality client-centered service, you were serious!

Want to have the same pampering experience with excellent customer satisfaction and relaxation at a lower cost compared to other known clinics?  Like Skinlux on Facebook or follow them on Instagram for more details and promo alerts!

Skinlux Aesthetic Center is located at the 3/F of Greenhills Promenade, San Juan, Metro Manila.

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