Visita Iglesia to Churches in Manila

Every year, we observe Holy Week Catholic activities beginning Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and also Maundy Thursday Visita Iglesia.  I even w...

Every year, we observe Holy Week Catholic activities beginning Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and also Maundy Thursday Visita Iglesia.  I even wrote about our Visita Iglesia route in Quezon City last year.  This year, hubby and I decided to do it in Manila, WALKING.   I doubted myself at first if I could survive the walking to and from one church to another.  But I said, as part of our penitence this Holy Week, I will do it, I can do it.   Lo and behold, here's our Visita Iglesia route in Manila.

San Beda Church (Our Lady of Montserrat) 
One of our family's favorite churches is this quiet church along Mendiola Street near Malacañang Palace.  Attending mass here on Sundays has always been very solemn and peaceful, away from the busyness of the city.

National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus
Just a few steps from San Beda, entering the gates of Malacañang Palace, is St. Jude.  It's where devotees visit the patron saint of the impossible visit every Thursday to complete their nine-day novena.

San Miguel Parish Church
Not too far from St. Jude and still within the gates of Malacañang is San Miguel Church.   This is where I was baptized.   The church was closed during our time of visit.   They just set up Stations of the Cross outside. 

San Sebastian Church
From San Miguel Church, we had a quite long walk.  We were glad we decided to start our Visita Iglesia at night instead of our usual late afternoon visits.  Otherwise, given the humid temperature, I wouldn't have made it walking.  This is one of most beloved churches to me because of its grandness and it being an all-steel church.  
Loreto Church/Archdiocesan Shrine
A long walk ahead from San Sebastian is one of the twin churches in Bustillos, Sampaloc Manila.  We attend Sunday masses here every now and then because of their almost all-day schedule of masses.  Expect a volume of people in this church because it's very accessible to public transportation, it's near schools, supermarkets, wet markets and it's within residential area. 

St. Anthony Padua Parish (Bustillos)  
This is the twin church of Loreto Church.  Their mass schedules have 30 minutes difference.   Churchgoers have no more reason to be late for mass.  Like Loreto Church, this church is never seen without people. 
Nuestra Señora De Salvacion Parish 
Our last stop for our Visita Iglesia was our very own parish.   It was an achievement for me to finish our Visita Iglesia by just walking.  Our last church is where I spent most of my Sunday masses ever since I was little. 
Our Visita Iglesia journey year after year, always reminds us of Jesus' sufferings, His sacrifices and most especially His love for us.  It's humbling to remember what great pain Jesus went through.  His life and death teach us compassion, humility, kindness, sacrifice, justice and forgiveness. 

May we all be inspired to live a Christ-like lives by remembering the Passion of Christ.  May we all learn to love one another and by doing so, in our own ways, we glorify Him and make our lives more meaningful.  May we be reminded to do this everyday and not only during Holy Week.  God bless everyone! 

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