There’s Nothing Like the Family-Sized Connection PLDT HOME DSL Brings!

Let me ask you loves, how important is internet for you and your family?  In this digital era, can you live without internet?  Can you last ...

Let me ask you loves, how important is internet for you and your family?  In this digital era, can you live without internet?  Can you last days or weeks without checking on and updating your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts?  Some may say yes and others no.  Personally speaking, we could probably last few days without it, but with totally no internet connection at all, that’s a big NO.

But you see, however digitally attached our family could get, we still do things together and even have great bonding activities offline like watching a movie screening of “Rio 2”, and also online.  How?  While I share valuable information on the blog, hubby helps me do a little research online for topics I could possibly feature.   My kids and I get to laugh at the videos I posted of them dancing and singing crazily.  Also, we use the internet to play online games together or against each other.  With that we’re able to teach our kids how to be good sports and they also learn how to share and take turns.  That’s why, it’s very important for us to have a strong and reliable family-sized internet connection at home.

PLDT HOME DSL is an enabler of family-sized connections.  We have been relying on PLDT HOME DSL for several years already and because of this, our family has had limitless sharing of laughter and new learnings.  This is why they feature families in their TVCs.  Recently, they picked the Ledesma family (Ask Diego’s family) to star in the TVC.  I could relate to it perfectly because we have the same sense of limitless sharing and family bonding too!  To know what I’m talking about, watch the TVC here:

Isn’t Diego so cute?  My sons are fans of his!  Such cuteness overload for a seven year old who gives pieces of advice on his Facebook Fan page for people who have questions like “How do I get a girlfriend?”, but of course with the help of his family: Daddy Paolo, Mommy Lara, and sister Trisha!  This cute, smart and talented boy will go a long way for sure!  I could see him become the next big star on TV!

Are you anywhere near the digital likeness of uber cute Diego’s family?  Do you also need family-sized connection at home that can be used by the entire family who use different gadgets?  Do you want to stay connected to the internet for limitless sharing of family fun?  Or maybe you have some questions about love and life that you want the smart and talented Diego to answer?  Then #LetsAskDiego on his Facebook account here:

Of course that won’t be possible if you don’t have a strong and reliable family connection at home.  But with PLDT HOME DSL, that is possible!  For more information on how you could have that strong, family-sized connection that you want and to have a limitless sharing with the family, visit today.  For more updates on PLDT HOME DSL, you may also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. Leo Kevin MendiolaApril 25, 2014 at 1:58 PM

    Great post on what to visit here in Manila! Here's my Visita Iglesia coverage for this year! :)


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