Domesticated Long Weekend

Wow!  That long weekend went by so fast I must say.  While most of my colleagues used the long weekend for an out-of-town or out-of-the-coun...

Wow!  That long weekend went by so fast I must say.  While most of my colleagues used the long weekend for an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trips, my family and I just stayed home and used the weekend to relax (at least for them.)

We didn't plan a trip because we're saving up for the boys' birthday party next month.  But I spent the weekend productively and happily by being domesticated.  I must admit, since I am a full-time working momma, I only cook breakfasts daily and whole-day meal during weekends and only get to clean the whole second floor every three days, how I wish I could do it everyday.

This long weekend was spent pamamalengke (as in the wet market, usually the helper does that), cooking, eating, playing with kids and semi-general cleaning: decluttering and re-arranging our living space.  I tell you, general-cleaning is very therapeutic and liberating to do so.  I got rid of things we no longer need and could even be considered trash which we've been keeping for so long.  I was only able to do this chore in our living room/area and I'm planning to do so in the other parts of the house soon.

Let me show you my domesticated side (yes I have! haha!)  I happily cooked for the family and even the hardworking Daddy Practicality also cooked for us:

Mommy's Turbo Chicken Recipe and my Buttered Potatoes and Carrots 
 Did I tell you that Daddy Practicality (sometimes) cooks better than I do?  So this long weekend, he also cooked for the fambam.
Pork Sinigang
Tortang Talong
Grilled Cheesy Bangus
Before the long weekend started, I went to Market! Market with my boss.  While they bought new Nike Training Shoes at the outlet stores there (which of course I practically recommended), I found myself wandering in the home section of Metro Department Store.  I scored this lovely vinyl table cloth for only Php299.00.

Now, apart from cleaning the living area and decluttering, I found time to work with Daddy Practicality to set up the new curtain rod and curtains we bought last weekend during the SM 3-Day Sale.  So here's how proud I am to show our domesticated teamwork:
This curtain set only costed me Php 750.00! :)  
Happy to also had found matching pillow cases worth Php 50.00 each!
 These curtain and pillowcase set matches our existing blue and white figurines which my late mom collected.
Last but not the least, long weekends are there to spend a lot of bonding time with the family especially the children.  Macky and I make sure we communicate every night about matters at work and personal lives.  We also watch movies or TV series almost every night.

With the kids, I make sure we spend quality time when we're home.  We love hugging, kissing, talking, laughing and playing.  My almost-teenage boy had his pogi haircut and wrote me a letter expressing his love and appreciation.  The little one says he only wants mommy by his side to bathe him, change his clothes, prepare him milk and play with him as well.  To cap the lovingly domesticated long weekend, here he is doing a cute flying Ironman pose, which looks a lot like planking I must say.
"Look Mommy!  I'm flying like Ironman!" - Wes
Clearly, we had a blast during the long break.  No need to go out of town or out of the country.  We've got everything we need right in our humble abode - Love, Happiness and Family!

~How about you?  How did you spend your long weekend loves?~

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  1. Those figurines are pretty and that Cheese Bangus looks yum! So, you just sprinkle cheese over the bangus after grilling?

  2. Mga how much po usually mga services nila?

  3. Hi there! Their Revlite session is Php6,999 which includes their signature facial already. You may check their facebook page for updates and promos as well. :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  4. Hello @Nerisa! :) I know! Winner ang curtains ko.. sale kasi! :) Agree with long weekends with the fam bam! :)

  5. Hello @Ays! The figurines were pamana by my mom.. and with the bangus naman.. you sprinkle the cheese a few minutes before its meat is fully cooked on the griller pa! Yummy! :)


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