Practical Finds: SM Store 3-Day Sale Shopping Loot

Let's talk about one semi-guilty pleasures here.  Shopping.  I take SM's 3-Day-SALE seriously.  It's like an important life e...

Let's talk about one semi-guilty pleasures here.  Shopping.  I take SM's 3-Day-SALE seriously.  It's like an important life event, well at least in the shopping calendar.  Would you agree that any woman would faint if given a million to spend to shop til she drops?  But since I am not in slumber, of course I don't have a million (but I still wish I do!), I just have a decent shopping money and I want to make sure I use it wisely and stretch the budget so I could fill my loot with inexpensive but quality merchandise.

But where will you get quality merchandise at a low price?  Of course during mall SALEs!  That's why I take advantage of this and make sure I saved up for it.  Hence, shopping is just a semi-guilty pleasure for me because I don't really splurge without thinking or planning.  Recently SM City Sta. Mesa had its 3-Day SM Store Sale.  Hubby and I have been waiting for this because the house needs a little re-decorating and our kids, like balloons, had grown bigger in a span of a year and need wardrobe size updating.

Just to share, here are my wonderful and practical shopping finds:

Blue-Grey Chevron-designed Window Curtain - Php 250.00/panel
Buy 1 Take 1 White Chiffon Curtain - Php 250.00
Matching throw pillow cases - Php 50.00 each
Curtain with matching throw-pillow set.  Total: Php 950.00 (savings of Php 250)
Buy 1 Take 1 Beige Curtain (thick fabric) - Php 500.00
Buy 1 Take 1 Beige Chiffon Curtain - Php 250.00
Curtain Set #2 - Total: Php 750.00 (Savings of Php 750)
Printed Polo Shirt with Red Collar - Php 250.00 (originally Php 500.00)
Long-sleeved Striped Polo - Php 250.00 (originally Php 500.00)
Bossini Blue Polo Shirt - Php 300.00 (originally Php 529.75)
JusTees Green Striped Shirt - Php 100.00 (originally Php 199.75)

Four Tops for the little one: Total: Php 900.00 (Savings of Phop 829.50)
Garfield Khaki Shorts: Php 350 (originally P600 +)
Garfield Denim Shorts: Php 425 (originally Php 600+)
CDN Denim Pants: Php 500 (originally Php 900 +)
Bottoms for the little one: Total Php 1,275 (Savings of Php 825)

For Kuya:
Denim Shorts: Php 450 (originally Php 649.00)
Plaid Button-down Shirt Php 250.00 (originally Php 500)
Kuya's wardrobe.  Total: Php 700 (Savings of Php 449.00)
My shopping finds at SM Store totaled to Php 4,575.00!  If I had not been patient enough to wait for the sale season, all these merchandise would have costed me Php 7,678.50!  I saved Php 3,103.50, not bad right?  Not bad at all! :)

I love shopping!  But I love it more when I am able to stretch my shopping budget a lot more when it's SALE!  Do you also feel the same way loves?  So happy about my shopping loot!

~ How about you loves?  Have you had a winning shopping spree lately? ~

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  1. That's true! waxing is the best!

  2. We were there to meet a friend. Ang daming tao, Mommy Louise! I couldn't stand the noise kaya nagmadali rin kaming umalis. We were not able to buy personal stuff kasi washing machine ang binili namin at nasira na ang luma. Hihihi...SM Mall Sale makes us save a lot as always! :)

  3. Hello SJ! Super dami ngang tao, we went there on a Sunday na, last day. I already had a list that time on what to buy so our shopping time went by fast. Sarap mag-shopping... lalo na if pinaghandaan and may budget! hahaha!


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