My Personal Ingat Na Damang Dama Story, An Act Of Service

Relationships, Marriages, Love - let's talk about that.  There are so many ways to show your loved ones how much you love them.  Some sa...

Relationships, Marriages, Love - let's talk about that.  There are so many ways to show your loved ones how much you love them.  Some say it's easy, just tell your partner or your spouse everyday those three (I-LOVE-YOU) or five (I-LOVE-YOU-VERY-MUCH) words and you're fine. But for me, it's more than just saying it.

I do follow the five languages of love conscientiously.  These are:

Biogesic Ingat Na Damang-Dama Story
Personally among all five, the hardest and one that demands all the other languages combined or rolled into one is: Acts Of Service.

As simple as cooking for your spouse his favorite food, preparing clean clothes to use everyday, and most especially taking care of him while he is sick are the Acts of Service to show my love for him.

Loving And Caring For My Hubby Through The Act of Service
There was one time, during the week of his birthday he was chilling with fever.  As his life partner, of course I wanted him well right away because, it's his birthday!  We should be celebrating it and not just stay home, on the bed and be sick the whole day right?

I planned for a simple surprise but it didn't materialize.  The night before his birthday he was feeling sentimental and all he wanted was to get well.  I kept waking up round-the-clock to give him sponge bath to lower his body temperature.  I also had to wake up every four hours to give him Biogesic for his fever.  True I didn't get enough sleep, it was a sacrifice, an act of service, an act of love.
Biogesic Ingat Na Damang-Dama Story
The following day, the day of his birthday, he was already feeling better.  But because I didn't get enough sleep, I woke up later than the usual.  Instead of surprising him for his birthday, he surprised me with a hearty breakfast in bed and a flower he picked from the garden.  We were both in tears as he said it was his way of appreciating everything I did for him especially when he was down with fever.  I tell you, like a cranky baby, he wanted to be attended to right away and cared for - that's just what I did.

For that, he said I deserved to be served by him everyday for the rest of his life, even on his birthday.  We both cried for joy and just hugged each other tightly.

Biogesic Ingat Na Damang-Dama Sineserye Year 2
Could you relate to my love story?  Do you also have an inspiring story which showed how you were loved and cared for or you were the one who manifested your love for an important person/s in your life where Biogesic played a big role?  

If you do, then I encourage you to share your moving story wherein Biogesic played a part in showing your love and care and join Biogesic's Facebook App contest:
Biogesic Ingat Na Damang-Dama Story

To join Biogesic Ingat Na Damang-Dama Sineserye Year 2 Contest, simply follow these steps:

  1. Like Biogesic's Facebook Page:
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Your Ingat Na Damang-Dama story will not only inspire others but may also get a chance to be one of the selected five (5) stories which will be made into short films.  Selected storytellers will also receive P5,000 each.

Just a top note loves, always remember, in a home where love is expressed in any of the different languages, you will be assured that you'll be able to raise a compassionate, emotionally balanced and well-behaved children.  Always teach by example. :)

Have a nice day to all!  INGAT!

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