My Quick Trips To Cebu and Boracay

When I said last August that I already miss travelling and I wish to travel soon, I remember not wishing it to happen immediately and freque...

When I said last August that I already miss travelling and I wish to travel soon, I remember not wishing it to happen immediately and frequently.  "Be careful with what you wish for.." that's what most people say.  Well, a week after that post on my FB timeline, I got what I wished for.  I was given a special task at work which will require me to travel to different parts in Visayas once a week.

My first assignment was in Cebu.  Whenever I go to this lovely city, I usually stay overnight and make sure I pass by the following places: Sto. Nino Basilica, La Vie Perisienne, Zubuchon and Taboan too.  But last week, I didn't because I decided to just fly in and out so I could go home to my family quickly.  Ginawang parang Quiapo lang ang Cebu right?

My Cebu trip won't be complete without devouring a lechon!
This week it was a trip to a far-flung municipality in Aklan (talk about mountains, rivers, and farms dear!)  With the right system and determination to accomplish the job, we finished early.  I quickly decided to make a side-trip to the pristine white beach and world-famous Boracay Island even just for a night.

I traveled alone.  There's a sense of independence, inner peace, love for self and feeding the soul when I travel alone.  Whenever I come back from a solo flight, I always come back as a "whole" being, beaming with positive energies and a heart overflowing with love.  I come back giving more than receiving and that's a wonderful thing.  Behind the solo flights and solo adventures I plan for myself is my supportive hubby.  He wishes me enjoyment and safe travels.  Truly he wants me to be happy.

Happiness indeed is what fills me whenever I go to Boracay.  I didn't have enough time but I made the most out of my short trip there by capturing the beautiful sights of the island and the abundance of activities that attract tourists all the more.

Let me share with you highlights of my lovely stay in Boracay Island through this photos:
Yup that's a glass of Martini.  And YES!  that's a blog entry draft while out that night.
Ref Magnets for sale!
The talented Fire Dancers.
 A mandatory Boracay photo documentation :P
Super fine white sand of Boracay
View of the beach early in the morning
I will be laying my feet again soon on this island
Ahhh, under the Palm Trees!
Continental Breakfast.  I love their Bacon!
Other part of the island where the water is very clean!
Solo Flight.  But Happy!
By the way I stayed at SUN Villa located at Station 2.  It clearly has a rustic feel and I'm glad my backpacker spirit led me to discover this small but homey hotel.  I will be writing about my accommodation soon.

See more of my travel adventures on my Instagram account: just search the hashtags #MPTravels or #mptravels.  For now, I'm signing off but I'll definitely be writing about my next destination!

~Let me end this post by asking you, have you gone SOLO in any of your flights in the past?  How did that make you feel? ~

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  1. Aw too bad you didn't stay long in Cebu! We could have had coffee or something.
    I cannot remember the last time I traveled alone. Tsk.

  2. Hello @TheMissusV! I'll be back this week! Could you PM me your number so I'll contact you when I'm there for a quick coffee? :) I'm excited to meet you! ;)


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