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Hello Loves!  I am very excited to share with you that Mommy Practicality had been chosen as one of three blogger partners in the Philippine...

Hello Loves!  I am very excited to share with you that Mommy Practicality had been chosen as one of three blogger partners in the Philippines by a very prestigious, exciting, and well-known global brand.

Pause, let me BREATHE!  WHEW!  Continue...

I posted this photo on my Facebook page already and I want to share with you the story behind this photo.

I love everything about this set, comfy chair, colored brick wall and the cute owl plush!
Honestly, at first, when I read the email of this very polite lady representing a Singaporean agency about this campaign targeted at Parents and Kids, (launching this month) my pupils dilated.  I was in cloud nine and a little bit in disbelief.  The email was quite long but I didn't mind reading up to the footer.  Some information about the blog were asked which I emailed right away.  After that, I just totally didn't expect anymore that I would be among the selected.  I took the chance anyway.

Few weeks passed and BOOM!  I received one of the biggest news this year!  I am going to be their blogger parent ambassador for this new kiddie mobile application!

Imagine this, it will not only be launched in the Philippines, but across Asia!  (can't breathe again!)  BONGGA right?  I use this brand, I believe in this brand and I am ecstatic to be working with this trusted brand!

I wouldn't look that presentable if it weren't for my BFF MUA Joy Dominguez-Yap.  We've been friends for 15 years and this is actually the first time she worked her magic on my face!  Wow.. diba, friends talaga kami!  hahaha!  She came to our house the morning of the shoot to start painting on my fez.
Make-Up ba kamo?
My BFF-MUA Joy Dominguez-Yap was my fairy godmother that day!
After the make-up session, I totally evolved into this!  Thanks to my MUA Fairy BFF-Mother!
Joy and I, BFF for 15 years!
Magic diba?
Natural-looking Make-Up by Joy Dominguez-Yap
I was told by the agency, who flew in from Singapore just for the one-day shooting, to just come looking naturally.  Simple make-up only.  So my BFF MUA tried to achieve a very natural-looking make-up and indeed her magic worked!  Parang hindi AKO! :)

Now here are some BTS photos on the video shoot with me and Wes at Heima Store:
Take 1:  Wes and I with the whole team on the set for the shoot!   They all flew in from SG!
Take 2:  Awesome team who worked hard for this shoot.  Thank you to all of you for doing such a great job! :)
 I love the Heima Store!  Look at all these pretty merchandise on sale!  I want them ALL! :)
Wall comic posters featuring Filipino celebrities like: Manny Pacquiao, Ramon Bautista, Francis M, and Nora Aunor
Spell P-R-E-T-T-Y! :)  
Wessie riding the vintage bicycle.
So there you have it.  In a few days, I will be revealing to you through series of blog posts which brand I am working with.  I am really excited for this because this to me is a dream come true!  I'll also be sharing with you the finished product of the video shoot we did.  I really can't wait!

Stay tuned for this!  Until then loves!

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  1. Aww, Louise! Soo happy and very proud of you!

  2. So pretty Mommy Louise.. So proud of you too !

  3. So excited for the brand's big reveal!! You're so big time na talaga!!

  4. Me, too!!!:) Can't wait for your gig!!! Diyosang diyosa ka jan!

  5. Regular no cake and sign guest book.

  6. Congratulations Mommy Louise!! This is exciting news!!! :)

  7. Hello MJ!!! Thank you thank you sis!! Exciting indeed! :) I've revealed already which brand this is! Do check Samsung KidsTime Mobile App post. Download and try too for FREE! Links to Google Play on the blog post as well! :)

  8. Last time we had our event there, that's the price list. Their packages may change without prior notice po. Better to check from your branch of choice dear. :)

  9. Hi. Is there program. If yes, anu2 po kaya yun?

  10. Hello there were no programs in Max's. You're free to create your own program. :) Thanks.

  11. hi mam

    ask ko lng po kung how much po lhat ng nggastos nyo po,thanks


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