Samsung KidsTime, A New Educational App for Kids

When I come home from work, I place my things on my home office table, keep my mobile phone away, and give each of my sons a tight hug and ...

When I come home from work, I place my things on my home office table, keep my mobile phone away, and give each of my sons a tight hug and shower them with kisses.  I’d then change into comfortable clothes, get down on the floor to play Lego or UNO cards, and read books to them.   That’s how I bond with my children.

Yes, I do keep the gadgets and mobile phones away because I have an impression that these hamper them from a normal child development.  I’m also particular about the games they play and especially fearful about the adult content they might accidentally see from unwanted and bothering ads and making in-app purchases in mobile apps.  But I still do let them play our phones and the tablet once in a while.  In fact, the older one has his own mobile phone.  It’s just that their exposure time to gadgets is regulated and highly supervised.  Sometimes, they just also won't stop once I give them these gadgets.  They also lose focus of the real world and boom, our communication stops.

That's why I see mobile applications as a distraction.  But it changed when I got invited by Samsung to review their newest educational app for kids called KidsTime.  Samsung KidsTime helps in managing and improving child development. It has a number of features which I am thankful for and I highly appreciate. 
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
Samsung KidsTime features I instantly fell in love with:
  1. It has no in-app purchases and no ads! – At last!  I’ve never felt safer in a mobile application for kids!
  2. You can set the timer from 5 minutes to 1 hour. – Since we do regulate their use, this feature is very helpful to us.  It also teaches children the responsible use of a gadget.
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
    3.  A child profile you could customize. – The profile will show your child’s progress through the                    activities he’s doing within the app.
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
  1. All content are kids-safe and are well-curated. – I tried all the available games and books myself and they are purely about developing the kids’ love for letters, pairing, hand and eye coordination, socialization and a lot more.  It guarantees learning while having fun at play.
  2. Both games and books are available – Access to over 80 apps and 80 eBooks, with a monthly refresh of new games and books - 1st month free to use all!
  3. Parental control with screen limits and App Locks. – I appreciate that Samsung KidsTime considered parents’ desire to control their child’s play time and choose the additional apps to purchase.
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
  1. Child development and activity dashboard – I love this feature.  It’s the first time I encountered a kids’ game and book application that actually can track the child’s development in different areas!  This way we both learn at the same time.  He learns about different subjects and I learn something too about my child’s interests as well.
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
  1. It can be used across more than one phone and gadget.  This feature will give any parent a peace of mind knowing that Samsung KidsTime could be synced between the tablet and our Samsung mobile phones! 
Actual Experience
I got thrilled when my 4-year- old son first tried KidsTime .  Between games and e-books, he chose the latter first.  He was singing with “Dinostory – Brachiosaurus” while reading and it was on repeat mode (like seven times!)  It even became an LSS for me one weekend!
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
With games, his current favorite is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  It’s his favorite show on TV and experiencing it on the mobile app and actually interacting with him, is something truly entertaining for a little child.  There are four educational activity choices: Doctor pretend play, Sleeping Time, Washroom Musts and Putting Stickers.   I was convinced that he actually learned something from KidsTime when he went to the toilet to pee, and he was reminded about how Daniel Tiger taught him to flush and wash hands properly too! 
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
The Parent Tools showed my child’s recent KidsTime activities, his progress path showing the areas he learned about (like Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Creativity and Language Arts.)  This tool helped me learn too something about my child, is interests and which areas he should improve on.

You see, I’m happy about our first run through the Samsung KidsTime because of the following things valuable to me as a hands-on parent:

  1. Parent and Child Bonding Time – With the parent tool and App Lock features of the mobile app, Samsung clearly wants parents to be involved in the activities of their child.  This interactive app needs parents to guide and supervise the child through their playtime.  It definitely isn’t something that you leave the child with so you could do something else.  And personally, we don’t use the gadget at home like that, it’s counter-productive and counter-development for the child.
  2. Learning Through Play – with quality and child-appropriate only content, which Samsung KidsTime has, we’re assured that he’s educated and being entertained at the same time.  It’s definitely better than passively watching the TV.
  3. Safe and Secure – The fear that I used to have when letting my kids use our gadgets due to in-app purchases and ads with adult content is significantly minimized.  KidsTime does not allow these and therefore leaves us parents with peace of mind.
With these, I definitely recommend Samsung KidsTime as a legit kid-friendly mobile application for your child because you also learn with him/her at the same time.  You get to know your child’s interests and progress.  It’s a great option for spending quality time with your child as well.
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
Samsung KidsTime Mobile App
In the coming days, I’ll again share with you my son’s learning progress and additional games or books he will be trying.  I’m glad there’s a new tool for learning for my kids, which sincerely looks after the child’s development and considers parents desire to be involved in their child’s growth and progress.

DOWNLOAD AND TRY one of the best apps for kids now for FREE!  Samsung KidsTime is available on Play Store for Samsung Galaxy tabs and other Samsung devices.  For more information, visit

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