My Birthday Reflections and Celebration

I used to feel sentimental every time my birthday would come up.  I now realized it must be because I felt incomplete, unaccomplished, lonel...

I used to feel sentimental every time my birthday would come up.  I now realized it must be because I felt incomplete, unaccomplished, lonely or insecure.  It also could be because my hormones are running downhill and I just felt crappy and unappreciated.  But most of all, it's because immaturity was eating me all up and I just didn't feel content at what I already have.

I now realize how selfish I used to be and how I want others to focus on me (like a superstar diva! haha!) because it's my special day!  But as I mature, I've come to a list of questions which I should be reflecting on more whenever my birthday would come up.  I wish this list could also help you reflect on your life accomplishments as well.
  • What good have I done for others in the last year?
  • Was I able to form more meaningful relationships with my hubby, my kids and the rest of the family, with friends and with colleagues?
  • Was I able to add value to other people?
  • Did I make any effort  to be closer to God?
  • Did I share my talents, skills, blessings to others in need?
I will not go through the answers I have for these guide questions I made.  But just to summarize it, I know pretty well that I am getting there.  I am taking baby steps to the level of more giving than receiving, of looking out for others than letting others look out for and at me, of keeping people who sincerely love and care for me and see me as someone valuable in their lives, of sharing, teaching and inspiring rather than keeping it all to myself, and of beating myself by bettering my bests, than beating others.  More importantly, since the passing of my mom, I've realized that life on earth is temporary and so we shall live life to the fullest by doing things that will glorify God, that will make a difference in other people's lives and that would make myself truly happy.  

In short, aging na nga ako.  Matanda.  Shonda.  Thundercats.  But I'm proud to be a wiser, stronger, more content and a happier woman at 36.  Honestly speaking though, there are still a lot other things I want to be able to accomplish and I know that with prayers, determination to make it happen and great work, it will come true, one dream at a time.

Celebrating my 36th.
In December, 2013, I booked our family a trip to Boracay.  Unfortunately for me, mom went on an infinity vacation to heaven last June that's why she couldn't come with us anymore.  This was the reason why dad decided to stay behind.  He's afraid of riding a plane, especially now, mom's not beside him to hold his hand upon take off.
More than a birthday trip for me to the island, I'm excited for the kids!  Once again, they'll be travelling with us to the beach!  Both my boys love the water, both pool and the beach.  The little one loves the feel of the sand on his feet and hands, and refused to wear his slippers while walking on the shore.  These little things truly made my heart fat and happy.
I started the day with a a visit to the Holy Rosary Church to give thanks for another year added to my life!
What also made me joyful that day was when hubby surprised me with a birthday cake he bought at Quency's Bakeshop in D'Mall at 12:01am.
I also had seafood paluto lunch at D'Talipapa with the whole family, a few friends and my BFF Joy and her hubby.
I also was able to tick one item in my bucket list when I braved to #BuwisBuhayPortion by Parasailing with Macky and my son Dandre.  It was an AWESOME experience which I would definitely do again!  
Did I have fun on my day?  Definitely YES!  Did I feel complete?  Except for the absence of my mom and dad, whom I know were both celebrating with me wherever they were that time, YES, ABSOLUTELY!  The sight of Daddy Macky, my children Dandre and Wessie, gave contentment in my heart.  Seeing them happy made me complete!

My birthday wishes are of course the best of health for me and my family, safety for us too always, growth and development in my career, continuous blog activities, a more charitable heart, for my kids to grow up as fine, intelligent and God-fearing men, and last but not the least, to have a baby girl! :)

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  1. Happy birthday! napaisip tuloy ako kung paano ko isi-celebrate ang b-day ko. Anyway, salamat sa post na ito at sa mga paalala about sa pagtanda, lol!

  2. Many thanks Jennifer! :) Hahaha! LOL sa magtanda... don't worry, it's just a number!

  3. I haven't downloaded the app yet..:( BUt, this looks rewarding. I homeschool my two kids and this app might just help me reassess their Reading and Language skills.

  4. Belated happy birthday! More blessings :)

  5. Okay, from the name itself, I'm sure this won't work with Apple's iPad :)) I hope Apple releases its own version of this one too :)

  6. I used to download educational apps for my son and it really helped him. But after few months, he learned to watch You Tube and I can't monitor him 24/7. He became addicted to it but now I'm happy to say that he only use the Ipad every weekends. We're using the old ways to learn like reading books, answering worksheets and workbook or doing crafts.

  7. Thanks for sharing - I will recommend that app to my sister-in-law. My niece is into playing games on the tablet and this might be better for her.

  8. That app looks cool. Good thing I'm a Samsung user. Will try that now. :)

  9. That's an interesting app, someday I'll try it for my little girl. :)

  10. May De Jesus-PalacpacNovember 20, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Oh yeah, I heard about this app before! It's really great that it has apps lock.

  11. Thanks for sharing this mommy. I will download the educational apps for my baby. I only have singing and dancing on our IPAD and this apps is so interesting.

  12. I've been hearing/reading a lot of positive raves about this app. Poor me coz we don't have a samsung device na. I switched to apple early this year. Kelangan ko na ata bumalik coz I miss my androids. Been an android user since 2009 pa.

  13. Ma Rozelle Ragiles-VendilNovember 20, 2014 at 2:56 PM

    This samsung kids time app looks great! I love all the features especially the parental control and setting time limits! I'll be trying this app! Thanks for sharing!

  14. This is a nice app. Very educational for kids to play. :D

  15. I would have loved to use this app but I don't have a Samsung device. But I'm using another good child-safe app and so far, I'm liking it!

  16. The dual-language feature is cool! We actually limit our 16-month old daughter's screen time. I hope Samsung keeps on improving this app until such time my toddler can use it. :)

  17. We don't have a samsung device lang at home. Would want to try.

  18. Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
    More Power and Godbless!

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  19. Mhayzie Marie MarasiganNovember 24, 2014 at 9:15 AM

    Happy Birthday tnank you for this opportunity..many more birthdays to come! God bless..
    Mhayzie M. Rural!/story.php?story_fbid=742608499127269&id=100001343763340&mds=%2Fprivacy%2Fselector%2Fdialog%2F%3Fperm%26cid%3DS%253A_I100001343763340%253A742608499127269%26ct%3D6%26nodeID%3Dm_story_permalink_view%26auto%3D1%26gfid%3DAQBoVXvDAUaOs-n1&mdf=1
    iG name: @yahmdyenie

  20. I like the parental control and the password. We don't have Samsung gadget or device at home though. I'll remember this if we'll get one.


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