What Asian Parents Say About Samsung KidsTime

Would you agree with me when I say that in this digital world where our kids are growing up, gadgets like tablets and smartphones are thing...

Would you agree with me when I say that in this digital world where our kids are growing up, gadgets like tablets and smartphones are things we sometimes can't live a day without?  Their existence was influential in changing the communication landscape globally and yes even how our children learn progressively and aggressively about the outside world.

That's why sometimes, we cannot resist exposing our children to it for more than one reason.  It could be for educational or entertainment purposes or sometimes to keep them busy or quiet when we're outside eating in a restaurant.

But like in my last post about my children's use of gadgets, I have fears as a parent of exposing my children to too much of it or not being able to regulate their use  and worse still is the possibility of them seeing inappropriate content.  

These fears of mine are relatively the same with over 2700 parents in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, surveyed by the respected theAsianparent.com Insights team.  Their survey showed that while these parents allow their children to use the gadgets, their greatest concerns are: its impact on health because of the radiation, addiction to the gadget and exposure to inappropriate content.

I have no problems regulating and training my 11-year-old son about responsible use of gadgets.  But I am a little hesitant sometimes to let my 4-year-old use gadgets at home.  According to the survey, 98% of children use mobile devices in SEA.  Surprisingly, more than half of these children belong to the 3-5 year old bracket (like my little boy!) and the rest are between 6-8 years, with the majority boys.
When I let my little one use the gadget, I make sure that I put a limit to his gadget time.  Maximum time for me would be an hour just like what 37% of the surveyed parents would set for their children.  However, 41% of the parents allow their children to spend more than an hour on a device.  

Ideally, I would want my little boy to access educational applications or e-books to provide supplemental learning for him through technology.  But the reality is, he's more into games than anything else!  Hence, I strongly say that we should be responsible parents as well in making sure we monitor their gadget use.  

Let's take a look at this infographic of the survey results for your better appreciation and reference:  
With all these thoughts and fears about gadgets going on for me and most of the Asian parents, I am glad I’ve discovered Samsung KidsTime, which is an answer to all these apprehensions in leaving my tablet with him.  Why?  Because Samsung KidsTime not only provides entertainment to your child, it also gives parents peace of mind. You could set a timer, there are no built-in apps for them to see, there's a parental control dashboard to see your child's progress, and many available books and games that are educational and appropriate for them.  Thus, making more room for our bonding time through play.

I'd now like to also share with you the impression of the parents and what they love about their first encounter of Samsung KidsTime mobile application.
Didn't that make you more curious about Samsung KidsTime?  So why not experience it too for yourselves and your kids?  DOWNLOAD AND TRY one of the best apps for kids now for FREE!  Samsung KidsTime is available on Play Store for Samsung Galaxy tabs and other Samsung devices.  For more information, visit www.samsungkidstime.com.

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  1. I think this is the wonder app for kids. Too bad it's only for samsung devices. We don't have one. I hope this will be available for other android devices. :)

  2. Hello Mitch! Indeed it's a wonderful app for kids as you get to manage your child's app usage and the time spent on it as well. :)


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