Valuing Family Togetherness During Noche Buena with Lady’s Choice

Christmas is really a time for giving and sharing.  It’s a time to value family’s togetherness.  Especially here in the Philippines whe...

Christmas is really a time for giving and sharing.  It’s a time to value family’s togetherness.  Especially here in the Philippines where culturally we have very close family ties, reunions are usually done during Noche Buena.
It's been a family tradition to put up a Christmas Tree!

Noche Buena Feast!
Mommy's Macaroni Salad using Lady's Choice
Every year, my siblings and I, with our families, make it a point that we get together during Christmas.  And every time we’re reunited, new members keep on adding.  It’s euphoric when our family is complete during Christmas celebration.

The whole fambam on Christmas Day!
But this year and the years to come will be different for us.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’d know that the most important member of our family, my mom, has joined her Creator last June.  It’s the same indescribable sad feeling with other families who have at least one member working on a holiday due to its shift or because he or she is abroad.  Honestly speaking, even if I’ve accepted already that mom has left us, we all still feel as if she just went on a vacation and hasn’t come back.

When I saw Lady’s Choice video about surprising families with advanced Noche Buena, how I badly wish I had advanced our Noche Buena a few months ago, when mommy was still with us.  Watch this touching video:
Being a mom myself, I was moved to tears upon seeing that a six-year old child never got to spend Christmas with his seaman Dad, maybe just once when he was still a baby.  How crushing that is for him and the wife, because his idea of Christmas is one without a physically present dad.
I could somehow relate to the second and third families, with a family member who cannot spend Christmas with their families because of work.  For a time, when Macky was working as an IT Operations Supervisor, his holidays, yes Christmas and New Year included, were spent in the office.  How I wanted so bad to spend Christmas Eve with him in the office, but of course we can’t.

Lucky for these families in the video, Lady’s Choice set up a surprise Advanced Noche Buena together with the moms of the households, who cooked the favorite dishes of their loved ones.  Of course one of the feast’s staple, Macaroni Salad, using Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, was also prepared on the table.
The stars of this Advanced Noche Buena treat by Lady’s Choice, The Seaman, The Nurse Daughter, and The Husband, were in for a heart-warming surprise.  Giving these families the gift of togetherness is something very noble of Lady’s Choice to do because it’s true that most families may be celebrating their Christmases together, but some do not.  You could see the joy on the faces of these families, who finally got a chance to spend their Advanced Noche Buenas with their loved ones who are usually MIA because of their work demands…

Truly, these three stories testify that the REAL essence of Christmas is being able to celebrate our Savior’s birthday with the whole family.  It is bringing out the REAL values of love, togetherness, and unity in the family during Christmas time that Lady’s Choice wants to give importance to this season. 
Personally, I cannot stress how important my family is to me.   I give them the highest priority and I drop everything for them.  This year may be the first of many years we will be missing mommy during our Noche Buena, but I’ll just focus on the people in the family who are present, my Daddy who is lonelier than I am now, Mac and my children, and my siblings and their kids - the people who I truly treasure in my life.
This year, we'll be missing Mommy on Christmas Day, our first of many more years to come. :)
This Christmas, let’s continue the holiday traditions like putting up the Christmas Tree, decorating the whole house, attending Simbang Gabi, and celebrating with the family during Noche Buena.  Wishing you an Advance Merry Christmas loves!

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  1. Nakakarelate ako sa The Seaman. My father is an OFW since I was born. I only spent Christmas with him, maybe no more than 5 times. It's a sad thought. And now that I'm already working, I guess I won't be able to spend Christmas with my family in my hometown since I need to work at that time. Sana pwedeng hatiin ang katawan ko haha.


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