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I admittedly love shopping, who wouldn't right?  But don't get me wrong, I make sure these are planned and budgeted shopping activit...

I admittedly love shopping, who wouldn't right?  But don't get me wrong, I make sure these are planned and budgeted shopping activities!  As I track my purchases month by month, the things I spend for the most are the following: Food (Groceries and Daily Meals), Bills (electricity, SUN postpaid bill, land line and water), Insurance and Investments.  Given these, plus two kids, it's important for me to be wise in all my expenses.  Also, being practical for me means getting the best of life without having to spend too much.  Practicality is not being limited, it's being a smart spender.

This blog is not called Mommy Practicality for no reason.  When I was starting, I was looking for a name that would best fit my lifestyle because it will definitely reflect on the things I will be writing about.  Hence, my blog features are the likes of Practical Mom (where I talk about my practical mommy lifestyle in general) and Practical Finds (where I feature my bargain hunts, sale purchases and other things I was able to save on) such as these:

SUN Choice Rewards
Practical Finds, got this for 50% off!  I mostly do my shopping on SALE season! :)  Same quality, lower price!
SUN Choice Rewards
Practical Fashion, designer cocktail dress but bought it off-season at an unbelievably low price!
I love sharing things and events where practicality is at stake.  Another example would be enrolling in rewards program.  To get more out of my regular purchases, I enrolled in rewards program of most of the major retail stores and I make sure I use my rewards points too!  Just look at all these rewards program I enrolled to:
SUN Choice Rewards
My groceries are regular purchases and I do spend a lot every two weeks.  So why not get something out of what I spend right?  With every purchase, my earned rewards points keep on adding.  I could exchange it for an item or use them to discount my current purchase!

I've been wishing for the longest time that we also get rewarded from any of our monthly utility bills.  This had been answered with SUN Choice Rewards.   Daddy Macky has been a SUN Postpaid subscriber for more than a year, I for three months already, and we're both satisfied and happy with SUN Cellular's service.  What makes us happier is that the SUN Choice Rewards is now available to us which makes us very much convinced that we made the good choice!
SUN Choice Rewards
Register to SUN Choice Rewards and get a chance to win 10,000 rewards points!
Joining is hassle-free, super easy and it's free of charge.  I already registered and I tell you, it's definitely nothing like filling out a four-paged application form and paying a fee.  ALL Sun subscribers could join this program.  To register, just text REWARDS to 9800.   You may also register online via http://my.suncellular.com.ph.
SUN Choice Rewards
When you register your SUN Postpaid until January 31, 2015 you instantly qualify for a chance to win 10,000 rewards points.  Do you know how much 10,000 rewards points is worth?  10,000 points is  easily 10,000 bill  rebates if  you quantify it.  Ten (10) lucky subscribers will be drawn monthly from November 2014 to January 2015.More about the promo here: HERE.

Why do I love loyalty and rewards programs?  Because I get something more from the purchase or the service I already love.  In retail stores, you could exchange points to peso equivalent.  Rewards programs actually help us save more once we accumulate points.

Like with SUN Choice Rewards, Sun Postpaid could get bill rebates, free calls & texts, free Internet surfing or redeem music credits from Spinnr!!!  You know how we're both music lovers being a part of an acoustic band right?
SUN Choice Rewards
Meanwhile, if you're a Sun Prepaid subscriber, you may get free calls and texts, music credit from Spinnr and other perks!  Sun Broadband (both prepaid and postpaid) you could also get music credits from Spinnr and other exciting treats!
SUN Choice Rewards
For more details and complete list of items you could exchange for your rewards points, you may check them here: http://suncellular.com.ph/rewards.  To know how much points you already have, just text POINTS to 9800.

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  1. Nerisa / Baby Neo's MamaDecember 9, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    gifts for men talaga are expensive (even for boys). we need the whole year to save to give them what they want talaga :)

  2. Hi!
    When I became a mom dun lang ako naging interested to join different reward program..
    I have a lot of reward cards.. but I'm not familiar with the Wise Card. Anyway,thanks for this tip too.. coz I'm a postpaid subscriber of Smart naman.. kaya lang I'm not familiar pa with their reward program pa buti nabasa ko 'to I'll check nga :P

  3. Hello sis @Lorie Nocasa! :) Wise is with Shopwise. I'm glad you're still with the same network. :) For your info, there is also a rewards program for SMART Postpaid subscribers. :) Here's the link for your reference! :) http://rewards.smart.com.ph/catalog/postpaid/telco

  4. Oh i c. Not familiar with Wise kasi po sa Alabang pa meron nyan kung dyan ako mag go-grocery not convenient for me. Thanks for sharing the smart rewards link :)


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