A Day in a Life of a Multi-Slashie-ME

I've been asked by other Mommy friends, how do I do it?  I asked, " Do what exactly? "  Juggle family time while being an awes...

I've been asked by other Mommy friends, how do I do it?  I asked, "Do what exactly?"  Juggle family time while being an awesome (that's what they think) mom to not just one, but two boys (and we all know how active, eerr, kulit they get), perform well at work (I work smart, not hard), maintain a healthy relationship with Macky (healthy is a good description, because it's not perfect at all), still have some Me-time to relax and de-stress, do some business sidelines, and still manage to blog?

Honestly, I don't know exactly how to answer this in one quick conversation.  I would love to have  coffee and reveal to you the daily manageable craziness I go through just to get things done.  It's no secret actually!  I'm just like any other moms out there who has short and long term goals and simply want to achieve them for herself and her family.  These could be any from the following, not in order:

  • Raise children in a loving and healthy environment. 
  • Give children a good education. 
  • Teach children life values that will prepare them to face the real world and lead good lives. 
  • Put food on the table, provide clothes to wear, and make a happy home. 
  • Be healthy and hopefully live until I see my grandchildren.
  • Serve God by serving others. 
  • Leave a legacy. 
I guess that pretty much sums up my life goals.  Simple and practical I must say.  That's why I align my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities to be able to achieve all those.  So back to the question, how?  I'm still in the process of realizing my life goals, I think I will be until my moment of death.  I'm  work in progress.  My plans and actions are not perfect and will never be, but I try to be the person I would like myself if I meet another me.  So let me take you through a regular day in  life of me.

Everyday At Home with Macky and Kids
5:00 AM - I wake up everyday at this time to (1) prepare my son for school (breakfast, complete uniform, things to bring, our chitchat bonding and reminders).  (2) I prepare two to three meals in the morning.  One, everyone's breakfast, two, children's breakfast and three, our lunch baons.  (3) On the side, I cook red rice, brew coffee, and heat water for bathing.

6:00 AM - (4) Is my 15 - 30-minute ALONE time  (Alleluia!) when Dandre is picked up by his service. I use this time to blog or list my to-dos or watch TV or stare at the wall or go back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

6:30 AM - Macky wakes up. (5) That's our breakfast-slash-bonding time.  The little one wakes up a few minutes after Macky and sits on my lap for our regular power hugs, kisses and tickling, while I eat breakfast.  At 7AM, Macky prepares himself for work, (6) while I get to play with the little one.

7:15 AM,(7)I prepare for work.  I  should be leaving at around 7:30 - 8:00 AM to get to Makati on time via UV Express vans (Me at work on a separate narration).

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM - I arrive home at around this time depending on shift and traffic.  (8) I have dinner with the family.  (9) I dress down, get down on the floor to play with the two boys.  Different styles for each not because one is 11 years old and the other is 4. But what they both enjoy are my kisses, hugs, tickles, and my silly face.  (10) I put the older one to sleep after talking about how each other's day went.  The little one kisses his brother before sleeping and heads with me to our room for (11) more play and reading books.  (12) He enjoys a good massage before dozing off.

10:00 PM to 12:00 midnight - (13) Is my mandatory (says myself) solo bonding time with Macky.  We usually tell each other how our day went or watch a newly downloaded movie or our favorite TWD series or the some other normal couples do.  (14) If I'm not yet too tired or if we finished the movie earlier than 12 midnight, I start a blog post or finish one.
Everyday At Work
8:30 AM - (15) I arrive the office, fix myself a cup of coffee, fill up my 2-liter water bottles, start my laptop, write my To-Do-list for the day, change my ballet flats into my heeled shoes, then shift from a hat of a domesticated woman into my competitive career hat.

12:00 NN - (16) Lunch time and personal errands time.  I warm my personally cooked lunch or buy from our cafeteria if I was too lazy tired to cook in the morning.  Lunch time is also my laughing time with my crazy smart young colleagues, my blogging time (if there's a deadline I need to meet or if I just have nothing else to do), and my ME-time (sometimes I eat alone and enjoy it or go to the salon for quick kili-kili waxing or eyebrow threading).

1:00 PM -6:00 PM - (17) Work, work, work.  I rarely render overtime, not even when I have promos to launch.  I just make sure when I start on a project, I work backwards and plot on my work calendar what I have to accomplish.  I also make sure I don't write any schedule on the day before my launch to ensure I'm chillax before my project takes off and have a devoted time to breathe! :)

And On Weekends...
Weekends are not scheduled.  We could stay at home or go out to malls or watch a movie/show or visit the in-laws or I attend blog events or do my grocery shopping.  But what we don't forget to do on Sundays is to attend a mass.  I also make sure I write at least one blog post during the weekend.  So that makes two to three blog posts a week, without disrupting or changing my daily routine.  Family comes first.

So there it is.  A day in a life of a multi-slashie-me.  I complete 17 major tasks in total daily.  Nothing really extraordinary, I'm just like any mom who aims to gives the best for her family at all times by serving and taking care of the family, taking care of herself (total well-being and pursuing her passion which makes her happy), and continuously searching for her life's purpose and serve the Lord, in order to leave a good legacy.

~How about you?  How does a typical day go for you?~

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Louise, nakaka-inspire ka talaga.


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