My Sentimental #TodoBonding Overseas Call Using SUN Todo IDD

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart! - aminin, napakanta ka!)  I called family and friends to let them know they are remembered dearly.  A ...

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart! - aminin, napakanta ka!) I called family and friends to let them know they are remembered dearly.  A dear Aunt, who has been living in the US since the 80s was one of them.  She is my mom's elder (and very close) sister.  Since the time my mom passed away, until this call, we haven't contacted each other I guess it's because we're both very close and very dear to mom's heart and we're both not ready to reconnect and talk about something else besides mommy.  Mom was our common ground, our topic of all season, and the main reason why we always talk.  

Until I took all the courage to call her overseas during the holiday break.  So just imagine how hard to start and how emotional our conversation turned out.  I thought I was ready, so did she.  Ready in a sense that we won't be crying just to hear each other's voices.  It felt both good and sentimental.  It felt good because the love was overflowing and deeply felt.  Sentimental, because our "reason" and our usual topic of conversations, is no longer present with us.  But the best part of the #TodoBonding my Aunty and I had over the call was that we had an unspoken support, love, and strong bond for and with each other.  That no matter what happens, we'll look after each other.  I hope in the sooner time, we'll be back to our more frequent calls and that we'll no longer cry over both our losses.  I guess practice makes perfect, we should be more frequent with our tawagan.
I miss mom now all the more.  

Anyway, I used to think that making an overseas call is expensive and not anymore practical especially when a lot of instant messaging apps with free calls are available to use right?  But with SUN Cellular's Todo IDD, calls to US is only P2.00/minute, which makes it the most affordable international call rate right now.  So calling your loved ones abroad is a lot more enjoyable because you don't have to worry about high-rocketing rates.  Which is why, I have to say, I'm thankful to SUN's Todo IDD, because my recent emotional overseas call to my aunt was made possible and of course, deeply memorable.  Just like in the recent video they came out which showed a first-time dad who is living abroad, but is still able to be present during her wife's delivery of their baby back home via IDD call.  It just proves that love is indeed greater than any distance!  Sharing the video here:

With SUN's Todo IDD, #TodoBonding ang calls with your your loved ones abroad.  It helps make the distance less of an obstacle.  But it doesn't guarantee that we won't cry out of joy or out of missing each other.  Just like how it turned out when I reconnected with my Aunt via call.

Show some love to your loved ones abroad especially it's now made more affordable (in fact, it's the most affordable) with SUN's Todo IDD.  If you have a SUN Cellular, this is available via call card, Xpressload and load conversion.  For more information, visit SUN Cellular's website or like SUN Cellular on Facebook.

*This blog post is brought to you by SUN Cellular

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