The Best Things In Life Come In Three's

There are definitely moments when we reflect and count on the most important or memorable persons, events or lessons in our lives.  When ask...

There are definitely moments when we reflect and count on the most important or memorable persons, events or lessons in our lives.  When asked about it, I always come up with three important answers because I always believe the best things come in three's.  Just recently, when I was asked about the things I miss about my mom (who passed away last year), I came up with the best three:

  1. Her unconditional love to us her children; 
  2. Her strong but happy personality; and 
  3. Mom's service to God and people.
Mom with me as a kikay 4 year-older with my 1 year-old brother.
Mom's so big about keeping in touch, her family, her apos and celebrations.  Here's our family.
I am the only daughter which was why I got to spend more time with my mom.  Whatever I am today, has a lot to do about how she raised me and how she taught me to be a mother myself.  On being a mom, she taught me these three important things:
  1. Always pray for your children especially when they're all grown up, less supervised, and you have lesser control over, because that's all you could hold on to, to keep them always safe.
  2. Teach your children how to do household chores even if you know you can count on a helper to do that for them.  Their wives or husbands will thank you for that.
  3. Teach them how to be God-fearing, because from that, love, respect, kindness, intelligence, discipline, and every good trait you want them to learn, will spring out of it.  
I try to be the best mom to these two boys, just as what Mommy taught me to be.
This was how my three brothers and I were raised by mom and how we are now with our own children.  You see, the best things come in three's.  When my sibs and I miss our mom, we keep in mind to get in touch with each other to reminisce beautiful things about her, talk about how much she loved the deadly combination of cola and chocolates, through calls, text and even via Facebook!

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There's nothing better than being closer and more in touch with your family.  Mom's spirit became so much alive again with the presence of each other in our lives.

If there are THREE beautiful things that happened after our loss, these would be:

  1. Our family bonding became stronger.
  2. We're no longer afraid to express how much we love each other.
  3. We're in a more constant communication with each other.

Indeed, the best things in life come in three's.  If you want to discover you life's best three's as well, you'll find it in your close relationships: your family and friends.  How?  It always come in three's:

  1. Make time for them and express your love for them.
  2. When you're with them, make sure you're REALLY present.
  3. Even when you're away from each other, you could constantly keep in touch through texting, calling or even through Facebook (and like me, SUN Prepaid's Trinet 300 and Unli Trio 30 could help you be in touch with your loved ones.)
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