Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages And Review

Last weekend, Wes was invited to an afternoon of fun at a Fun Ranch Birthday Party.  It wasn't our first time to attend one.  We've ...

Last weekend, Wes was invited to an afternoon of fun at a Fun Ranch Birthday Party.  It wasn't our first time to attend one.  We've been attending birthday parties at Fun Ranch's different party venues.  This time, it was our third to attend a Playdium birthday party at Fun Ranch.  As how it was in other parties, my son's experience was one for the books.

I've reminded myself countless times to write about Fun Ranch's birthday party packages, but because of too much fun, I always forget to take photos of the parties and just focused on my sons' reactions and winning joining  the games (which I still got to do last weekend!).  Here are some photos of the party and details on the party packages of Fun Ranch Playdium to follow below.

Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Playdium's Giant Indoor Playground
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Fun Ranch's Party Registration 
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Registration Table
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Fun Ranch Playdium birthday tables and chairs set up at the second floor.
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Stage set-up with kiddie chairs in front.
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Party host speaks in English or Taglish.
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Just look at that smile on this little boy's face!  He certainly was enjoying the show!
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
The host keeps the children entertained throughout the party with exciting games.
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
The kids were attentive during the magic show and were amazed with the magician's tricks!
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Cute and healthy sweet treats await the guests!
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Halo-Halo was also served during the party!
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Chocolate fountain was everyone's favorite!:)
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Kiddie Meal: Chicken Fillet, Fries, Spaghetti and Iced Tea
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Adult Meal: Mini-Burger, Spring Rolls, Barbeque, Spaghetti and Iced Tea
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Balloon Twists were given to children.  This one got two swords and pretended on stage in front of everyone!
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
And he's ready for the attack!
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
After snacks, birthday song singing and birthday candle blowing were in order.
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
The little one still had so much energy after the party and we're glad the indoor playground is just at the ground floor.
Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages
Here are more details about the Fun Ranch Birthday Party Packages:
Party Rooms                                       Capacity               Minimum Consumable on Food and Drinks
Blue Whale Grill
                1st Floor                               100                                                         P25,000.00
                2nd Floor                              180                                                           35,000.00
                Deck                                     120                                                           20,000.00
Sunny’s Room                                       100                                                           20,000.00
Main Barn                                              200                                                          45,000.00
Great Big Room                                     420                                                           50,000.00
Skye’s Room                                         150                                                           35,000.00
Great Big Room + Skye’s Room            570                                                           80,000.00
Grand Barnyard                                     300                                                           45,000.00
Rainbow Room                                      180                                                           40,000.00

KIDDIE FOOD Packages (+10% Service Charge)
*Option to create your own
10 Kids: Php 6,500.00
Tote Bag
Kiddie Meal
Balloon on Stick
Unlimited Play at Playdium

20 Kids: Php 21,350
Tote Bag
Kiddie Meal
Balloon on Stick
Unlimited Play at Playdium

40 Kids: Php 35,450
Tote bag
Kiddie Meal
Balloon on Stick
Dedication Board
Unlimited Play at Playdium

ADULT FOOD Packages  (+10% Service Charge):
Php 440/head
Party Style Spaghetti
Mini Pork BBQ
Lumpiang Shanghai
Cheese Burgerittos
Buffalo Calamari
Fruit Bouquet
Bottomless Iced Tea

Php 515/head
Pancit Canton
Chicken teriyaki
Oxtail Kare-Kare
Lumpiang Shanghai
Sweet Chili Fish Fillet
Steamed Rice
Buko Pandan
Bottomless Iced Tea

Php 625/head
Party Style Spaghetti
Caramelized Chicken Wings
Beef Stew
Hickory Smoked Pork Belly
Mini Hotdog
Tempura Prawns
Steamed Rice
Fruit Salad
Bottomless Iced Tea

Php 700/head
Party Style Spaghetti
BRB Fried Chicken
Beef Pot Pie
Pork BBQ
Ham & Cheese Sticks
Fish Fingers
Buttered Veggies
Steamed Rice
Fresh Fruit Medley
Bottomless Iced Tea

Activities and Entertainment
Party Host (Magic, Ballon Twister & Games) Php  7,500
                *Corporate Event Party                         15,000
Party Host                                                               5,000
Magic Show (45 minutes)                                        5,500
Face Painter (3 hours unlimited)                               3,500
Glitter Tattoo (3 hours unlimited)                              4,000
Henna Tattoo (3 hours unlimited)                             4,000
Kiddie Salon (3 hours)                                            7,000
Nail Art (3 hours unlimited)                                     4,000
Airbrush Face Painting                                            6,000
Pinata (Theme)                                                          750

EXTRAS (Foodcarts, balloon, décor, lootbags, etc.)
100 Servings                                                      
Cotton Candy    -              P 2,300
Popcorn               -            P 2,500
Snowcone           -             P 4,500
Sorbetero           -              P 4,700
French Fries       -              P 3,150
Mini Hotdog Cart -            P 2,000
Choco Fountain      -          P 6,300
Candy Bar            -            P 3,000

50 Servings
Taco Bar               -            P 4,000
Waffle Bar           -              P 4,000
Banana Split       -                P 4,000
Party Dog Cart   -               P 2,500
Branded Ice Cream             P 3,400

+ 10% Service Charge

It's a consistent fun and happy experience every time we attend a birthday party at any of Fun Ranch's party venues.  Their registration was organized where they had a separate sheet for children and adults.  Kids and adults alike were entertained by a talented and articulate host.  You're getting what you paid for.  Some of the games were familiar to anyone like Bring Me, Trivia and Adult Spelling Game (using their behind to spell a word).  There was one creative song guessing game which I liked best (and won several prizes for Wessie) where Disney songs were played in the background and parents helped their child/ren guess the correct song by typing it on their phones.  The kid who approached the host and sat on the chair in front first won a prize.  I'm so happy that I have a SwiftKey Keyboard app which was to blame for the quick typing of answers on my phone!  Wes was also cooperative that afternoon and was game to rush in front for his answers to win lots of prizes! :)

The magician however, lacked a little excitement in his voice and his tricks were a bit ordinary, but nevertheless, he was able to get an applause from his little audience that day.  There was one crazy trick he did however which received loud screams from the audience.  He got one adult from the audience and asked to keep a heavy basket and not open it.  After a while, when he asked the woman to open the basket, surprisingly to everyone, it contained a big snake!  The party lasted for three (3) hours including snacks and it helped that the entertainers kept everyone busy and interactive.

I enjoyed the foodcarts better than the main meal.  I guess it really depends on the taste or mood of the guest!  hahaha!  I love tacos and choco fountain and I'm glad these carts were open upon registration.  Their main meal was okay.  It's something expected (Spaghetti, BBQ, Burger, Lumpiang Shanghai).  But what made it better was its Iced Tea is unlimited serving.  Their serving also came in good proportion, you wouldn't say any guest is short-changed.  Sorbetes was available that time and for me, no party is complete without ice cream!

Fun Ranch's staff are always friendly, approachable, courteous, efficient, and quick to respond.  They all know what they are doing and what their standard procedures are.  The most important thing for me is they are alert whenever their party clients need something arranged (like take out chairs and tables for the program).  Best of all, they look presentable and clean.

Over-all, like what I've said in the beginning, it's always a fun experience for the guests (more so for the celebrating family) whenever we attend a birthday party at Fun Ranch.  If you are planning to have your child's party in Fun Ranch, it's worth it.  If you can afford to include rides or indoor playground playtime for your guests, it will make the party experience more fun!  But there's no problem of course if budget doesn't permit it anymore because the party itself was already a big hit for the children!  Unless you have a child like mine who always comes ready with an extra energy packed in his little body, another hour of playtime in the playground is a must! :)

For more information on Fun Ranch's Birthday Party Packages, you may call 706-3019, 706-2887, 687-2870 or visit their website:  Fun Ranch Ortigas is located in Frontera, Ortigas Ave., cor C5, Pasig City.  You may also like them on Facebook for updates, events and promos.

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  1. Love your post. It's very informative and coming from the heart!:) We took note of all your observations as we are constantly on the look-out for new ideas and things that we need to work on.

  2. Hello! Thank you very much Fun Ranch! Love attending your parties! Always fun! :)


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