Why I Cried When I Discovered Something About My Son

I know the feeling of most moms who are damn proud to see their child perform on stage during a school activity, or finish first in a swimmi...

I know the feeling of most moms who are damn proud to see their child perform on stage during a school activity, or finish first in a swimming or running competition or even get recognition for academic excellence.  Who wouldn't right?  For a mom, her child is the best among the rest, agree?

Let me tell you a story about this feeling I felt recently when I heard my first-born play his cover or "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.  Flashback to his birthday last year, he told me at the start of the year at that, to already save up for a Nike basketball shoes as his birthday gift.  So we did.  I even reserved a pair a month before his birthday to ensure we have his size.  But when his birthday month kicked in, he changed his mind.  He was sure that he wanted a guitar.

The day we bought his first guitar.  September, 2014
A guitar?  What made him change his mind when his first love is basketball?  It's not that I am not happy, in fact I was in glee when I heard him request for a musical instrument!  It was just a bit strange to me that a boy his age, who at that time didn't know anything about handling a guitar, suddenly wanted one.  But nevertheless, we bought him his first-ever guitar in a nearby music store located along the Lumanog strip in Manila (low-priced but quality items by the way!  Go to BENJIE's Musichaus and look for Nino or Ava).  

I cannot express exactly how this change of heart made me happy and confused at the same time?  See, it's a mixed emotion because I really wanted him to be musically inclined since he was two years old.  For someone who had been seeing since childhood up to recently (I sing in a band by the way!) and a former theater actor and TV commercial talent, I could consider myself a performance artiste (I love how that's pronounced, very legit!).  So of course, I would wish the same for my children.  But I never really pushed my son.  I told myself over and over again, that I will let him decide what he wants to pursue and I will ensure that a support system will be in place.  I will also make sure to give him the right exposures to the arts, to sports, and academics and see where his heart jumps for.
At six, we thought he'd like to play drums, but he didn't pursue it.
It turned out that he really loves basketball from pre-school up to this day.  That was proven by him being a part of his school's varsity team for two years already.  It was quite expected because he's a boy and I saw his ball handling potential as early as two.  But music?  I didn't expect it as much as I would want to.  I just silently hoped he would at least get a little of my talent.  But no, he got a lot of it and MORE.  So could you just imagine how my heart is crying for joy that it's all unfolding right before me?

Buying him a guitar was one of the best decisions we made as his parents, when developing his performing talents is a concern.  He had been studying and practicing by himself, sometimes with his classmates in school.  I admit, though I'm aware of the time he spends with the instrument, I wasn't able to track how he's improving.

He seemed to know how to hold the instrument properly.  He was 4 years old.
Until one night, after coming home from work.  I slowly went upstairs to change, as I regularly would.  While walking through the corridor towards the room, I already could hear the sound of the guitar playing "Thinking Out Loud."  I was humming the song's melody like with any song I hear.  Nothing special really, other than it's one of my current favorite songs.  All the while I was thinking it was Daddy Macky who was playing, that's why it seemed regular to me.  When I entered the room, it was my son, who was strumming the guitar, practicing how to correctly render the song.

I literally dropped my jaw and my stuff on the floor, and nearly cried because it sounded really good, at least for a boy his age who is just a beginner (less than six months of sporadic practicing).  I didn't know he had improved a lot.  What made the feeling more intense was when he sang while playing the song.  There, I wasn't able to hold back my tears, I really cried.  It was a proud moment, a moment of joy, a moment of truth, and a moment of a dream come true.  Right before me was an actualization of what I silently prayed for when he was still in my womb.  For him to be musically inclined, at least a little like me and some members of our family lineage.  I know I sound like I'm plugging, but yes, I shamelessly do.  It's a kind of motherhood happiness and pride, such as when a dart pin hits its red target.

Let me share with you what I saw that unforgettable night of a beautiful discovery about my son, and to document that moment, here it is:

My Thoughts and Prayers
If he is doing this to impress a girl in school (which is another story by the way) or because I tempered his gadgets use for a certain period and had nothing else to do but play a guitar, then I'm thankful it happened.  A beautiful result came out from those situations.  Whatever is happening right now with his talents, I believe it's God's hands that's maneuvering him and molding him into the person He has planned for my son.  I pray that my son continues to cultivate this new-found love, that he sees it as a gift and an opportunity not everyone has.  May he also share the joy that he has made me feel to other people, when he is ready, when God says it's time.  May he also learn and realize that in pursuing music, he could better serve the Lord and learn how to give back by performing for other people.

Actually there are endless opportunities and a lot more could happen, after all he's only eleven.  Maybe, one day, you might just see him in a reality talent contest like The Voice Kids.  If he makes this dream come true, I'll be the first to let you know and I would be asking for your support as well.  Until then, I would focus on developing more my son's potentials and strengths and help improve on his not-so-favorite areas, all while going though my daily grind at home and at work, and while raising another pre-schooler and a grown-up adult, called their dad.  :)

~ As a mother, do you have any similar experience on discoveries about your child/ren such as mine above?  How did you feel? ~

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