Being A Mother Completed and Changed Me

Being a mother is not just a title, it’s a role which not everyone could carry out with a breeze.  It’s both a blessing and a crazy life mis...

Being a mother is not just a title, it’s a role which not everyone could carry out with a breeze.  It’s both a blessing and a crazy life mission.  But one thing is for sure, it’s the most beautiful thing that could happen to a woman.  I could talk about craziness all day, but it’s a beautiful kind of crazy.  I wasn’t as OC as I am now, before being a mom.  But when I became one eleven years ago, being organized and making sure everything is complete are what kept me on toes even up to this day.

Dandre has just turned seven when Wes was born in 2010. :)  They complete me!:)

Imagine an incomplete hospital bag could spell madness (a missing receiving blanket or tie-side clothes, noooo!).  One more example, which for sure is true for all, when going out with the kids, I make sure I bring the whole house (of course I’m exaggerating, I meant their complete stuff), like milk, diaper and baby wipes!  I cannot go out without baby wipes.  What will I use to wipe my baby’s bottoms or messy hands without it?  It just has to be complete mommies like vaccinations, vitamins, nutrition, travel essentials, and the list goes on.

That’s one of the things motherhood has taught me, the importance of being organized and having a sense of completeness.  It has become a way of life already.  Everything has to be complete like project management requirements at work, ingredients for our meals at home, school requirements and even my mobile and data services.  Since each of the boys have different communication preferences, Daddy Practicality is heavy on call and texts while my schoolboy son communicates with me more through chatting, I have to look for a mobile service which completely gives us what we need.
And as a SUN Cellular subscriber, I’m glad that SUN Prepaid’s  Call & Text Combo 50 (CT50) is now complete with everything I need to connect with my family all day like call, chat and text!  It comes with 250 texts to other networks, 250 Sun texts, 70 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart & Talk N' Text, PLUS! Nonstop Chat (Viber, WeChat, LINE).  Everyone in my small family has their own communication preference.  So this new SUN Prepaid CT50 is perfect for families who like us are practical, who only wants to get the best and complete goods or services without having to spend a lot!  Have I told you that CT50 is valid for five (5) days!  So meaning I only spend P10/day!  To avail, text CTC50 to 247.  If you're a SUN Prepaid subscriber, you could learn more about this complete offer by visiting SUN Cellular's website.
As long as I am a mother (and will be a lola someday!) I will never stop learning and improving each day for the sake of my children and the rest of the family.  Also, everything I learn about being a mother, I apply to my daily grind at work and of course even at play!

Isn’t being COMPLETE in everything you want and need a beautiful thing?  As I end this, I wish you all have a completely lovely week loves!

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