My Open Personal Prayer To God

Dear God, Today, I received a good news about my upgrade at work.  Yesterday, my TV guesting was aired.  Last week I did a TVC shoot for a...

Dear God,

Today, I received a good news about my upgrade at work.  Yesterday, my TV guesting was aired.  Last week I did a TVC shoot for a brand I trust.  Last month, we got our brand new car and the love of my life proposed marriage to me.  I thank you every single day for all of these beautiful things happening in my life right now.  Thank you for carrying me in your arms and embracing me whenever I cry my heart out due to the passing of my mother last year.  It was a tough year last year God, and you are making it better this year.

It’s easy for me to keep on praying for more to come.  I think everybody would want only good things happening for their family, for their health, for their businesses, and for their careers.  And while everything in my life at this state is great, I know that it’s because You want me to do something for You.

When my mom died, I know your mission for her had been fulfilled.  That fateful day, June 21 of last year, right before my very eyes, I learned that nothing is permanent in this world.  The riches a person had accumulated, like cars, houses, jewels, expensive items, all of these will mean nothing to someone who’ll leave his earthly life.  Maybe it will mean something to the people he left those with, but then again, these things are temporary. What’s more valuable are the relationships a person built with his family and friends, the time he spent with the people he loved, the values he imparted to his children and the children of his children, the contribution he’s given to his community, the kindness he showed to acquaintances and strangers, and his charity works.

Right now, with all those realizations in my mind and heart, I am more intentional in my relationships rather than working harder to build my career or achieve far more.  Honestly, I am more content now with what I have and had complained and compared myself to others less or not at all.  I’ve learned to accept things which I cannot change and have no control over and strive hard to make a positive and valuable difference in the community or group I belong to.  Not everybody knows what else I do for You and for others, but I don’t have to flash it.  It’s enough for me to be joyfully fulfilled inside and make my loved ones proud of what I have accomplished.

But, I am not perfect.  I committed mistakes in my life but slowly and surely I am correcting them.  While I know I should cast my burdens on You, I admit I still worry a lot and I sometimes beat myself up with guilt when I feel I am not being a good parent or when I feel I am not doing enough for my kids.  Please mold me to become kinder, more selfless, more content, more forgiving, more patient, and more purposeful.  Please help me improve my relationships with everyone around me, my loved ones more especially.  Please take care of my children because as a mother, they are the number one source of my daily worries.  Please enable me to become a better mother, so that I may guide them in shaping their own futures.  I lift my worries and my children all up to You.

I now ask, what do you want me to do now?  Where do you want me to go?  How do you want me to serve you and love you more?  I pray for guidance and enlightenment.  Amen.

P.S.  Please tell the angels guiding each of my children to whisper to them, to always choose to do good even when no one sees them.

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  1. No wonder why you're so blessed. :)

  2. Hello Mitch,
    Thank you. I'm so emotional right now, happy kind of emo, with everything that's happening. But yeah, I still do worry a lot... lalo na pagdating sa mga kids. God bless you too @Mitch and your family too! :)


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