My TV5 Guesting Preview and SUN Entertainment Loads To The Rescue!

Hello loves!  How are you all doing this past week?  Ako I'm very excited to share with you that I got to experience a once in a lifetim...

Hello loves!  How are you all doing this past week?  Ako I'm very excited to share with you that I got to experience a once in a lifetime TV guesting in a mommy-oriented show to be aired on TV5!  What's more exciting was that they shot the whole episode in our humble abode!  If mom would still be alive, she surely would be the first to be aligaga to arrange the house and make sure it's squeaky clean.  But for sure, as she was watching us down from above, she's proud at how I managed the house.

Anyway, here are teaser photos of the shooting at home for Mommy Practicality's TV5 guesting:

Solo interview by the show's crew before one of the main celebrity hosts arrived.
Caught on cam!  This photo was brilliantly shot and shared by my son Dandre.
I'm pretty sure you already have an idea which show I am going to appear in.  I'll save the details for you in my next blog post about the TV guesting on TV5.  This will be aired a week from now on a daily morning show (around 10:30 AM.)

Unfortunately for me, since I am a full-time working momma, chances are, I'll miss this episode because there's no TV at work of course.  But hey, there's a wonderful gift from the heaven above called Live Video Streaming!  This is so popular especially when it's Cong. Manny Pacquiao's #SugodManny fight or when it's Ms. Universe, the whole world stops and view it on live streaming.  Aminin mo yan! :)

Gladly, at the palm of my hands, I can do video streaming of the airing of the morning show, which is very much a good news for me and my family!  This just means, I won't miss seeing the episode live on TV5!  This is all possible with Sun Entertainment Loads, where I just need to load up and press play!  Oh diba?  It's that easy.  This is readily available for all Sun Prepaid subscribers.
At dahil nga practical tayo, for only Php 50.00, I could already get 3 hours VIDEO STREAMING, non-stop VIBER and 200 ALL-Net texts!  All I have to do is register to eView (Text eVIEW50 to 247) Super winner this deal!

Since we're at it, for music lovers like me who listen to Spinnr on your way to or from work, while working and don't want to be disturbed, also when working out, and especially great companion on long drives going to nearby beaches or resorts this summer, I've got good news for you too!  Sun Entertainment loads also has All-day MUSIC STREAMING naman, plus non-stop VIBER and also 200 all-net texts!  Just text eMUSIC50 to 247, to enjoy this service!

Load up and press PLAY, play the non-stop music via SPINNR or play the video streaming via VIEWSTREAM and watch your favorite TV5, AksyonTV, Wattpad shows and live events too with no commercial ads!  Here's a table of SUN Entertainment loads for your reference:
See?  Super affordable na and malayo ang mararating ng Php50.00 mo!

I'm really happy there's SUN Entertainment loads!  It's practical, and really helps you not miss the episodes/shows on TV5 and AKSYONTV,  and many more TV5 shows.  So now, I won't have any reason to miss shows and well-curated workout music via Spinnr!  To the rescue talaga ang Sun Entertainment Loads.   I promise pala loves to tell you when will this air on my next blog post. :)

For more information on this new offer by SUN Prepaid: the SUN Entertainment Loads, visit SUN Cellular's WEBSITE or like them on FACEBOOK.

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  1. Hi, Louise! Let me know when is the airing so I can watch you in Viewstream! :) Winner ha!

  2. I'll ask pa.. basta next week daw. Hahaha! Thanks Abbie! :)


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