A Rather Different Mother's Day Celebration

It's happened a week ago but Mother's Day still feels fresh to me, in many different levels.  May is an emotional month because I am...

It's happened a week ago but Mother's Day still feels fresh to me, in many different levels.  May is an emotional month because I am reminded of my mom so much.  She passed away last year, and memories of her are recalled so vividly, and of course, I miss her so much.   When she used to be here with us, we both celebrate Mother's Day.  But usually, we celebrate her birthday first, she would have been 71 last May 8, and lastly, celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

This year, we paid her a visit in the cemetery during her birthday and invited over my brother and his family, and my Aunty Bec, mom's sister, for lunch the following day.
It was so different without her I thought, but somehow, I felt she was was with us, smiling and enjoying the sight of us all celebrating her special day even if she's no longer present.  I bought her chocolate, soda, and peanuts as an offering.  I thought I wouldn't cry, but I still did.  The correct verb is SOB actually.  But with my family, especially my kids around, I was pacified and they made me feel it was indeed my day!

I had a fantastic massage with le hubby the night before.  (It was an awesome massage, which I'm going to write about soon.)
My boys didn't wake me up early.  They cooked breakfast for me and surprised me with a bouquet of Gerbera Daisies, my favorite since Mommy gave me a bunch during my 18th birthday.  My Dandre wrote me a love letter too.
We heard mass and had a simple lunch at Amici, one of my favorite Italian restaurants.
It was a simple day actually because we went to the mall to let my kids have fun at the arcade.
I even went grocery afterwards and attended a wedding expo an hour before its closing time where we got a great great deal on our pair of wedding rings!  It was an ordinary day, but I was treated MORE nicely by my boys.  So yeah, it was Mother's Day!

Well, this year's celebration was definitely different, because I don't have my mom anymore to greet, treat and surprise.  I guess I just have to get used to it.  It will take some time, that's what they say.  But I say, maybe a looooong time.

Anyway, don't you think that Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday?  The world would definitely be a better and happier place!  We would be cooking more special meals each day.  We would be so energized early in the morning to prepare everything (food, clothes, and clean the shelter,) for the family!  We would more patient and more understanding to the kids (and yes that includes the hubby.)  But of course, the dads would also appeal to make everyday a Father's Day.  Then the grandparents too and the children too, right?  So bottomline is, we should treat our loved ones just as how we treat them on their special day.

So, how was your Mother's Day celebration loves?  I would love to know!

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  1. sherry ann gole cruzMay 17, 2015 at 9:12 PM

    I just celebrate mothers day at home, i really hoping my husband would surprised,but the usual, i feel so dissapointed but i just enjoy the day with my kids,belated happy mothers day ms.louise!


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