My Actual Three-Day Practical Meal Plan

Last time, I shared the things I consider in coming up witha meal plan for our family.  Why did I do that?  To also encourage you hous...

Last time, I shared the things I consider in coming up witha meal plan for our family.  Why did I do that?  To also encourage you household rock stars to also do your share in helping our environment reduce food wastage by being resourceful and creative in the kitchen.  One more thing you could do to improve our current waste management system is to recycle or upcycle food such as cracked egg shells, used coffee grounds, banana peels, used tea bags and many more.  I’ve shared in my IG and FB feed some of my upcycling ideas for coffee grounds and banana peels, which you could both use as your plants’ organic fertilizers.  

I’m really happy that Electrolux launched a campaign which empowers moms like us to be more resourceful at home.  As you can see, I’m actively taking part in this advocacy to #DoMoreWithLess.
Now, let me share with you how we execute our meal plan at home tied with the most favorite part ng mga mommies, the budgeting.  Let’s review first my meal planning considerations: Number of people to feed, average meal consumption, nutritional value and budget.

I want our food to always be fresh that’s why I only market for produce to be consumed within three to four days.  I buy our meats and vegetables at a nearby wet market from our suki who only sell quality products.  Before buying, I make sure I follow a meal plan and purchase the exact proportions to avoid food wastage.  Brace yourselves, here’s my practical and super doable Meal Plan:
This Meal plan is good for 4 Adults and 2 children (below 12 years old)

Monday Meal Plan and What To Buy
Tuesday Meal Plan and What To Buy
Wednesday Meal Plan and What To Buy

 TOTAL: Php 1,100.00

That’s Php1,100.00 for three days.  Sometimes, when you dine out, mas malaki pa diyan ang total bill for just one meal!  So just imagine how much you could save or how much budget you could stretch for food if you decide not to dine out right?  One dine out equates three to four days meal for the family (may lunch baon pa sometimes!) 

Here are some tips on meal marketing:

1.       Know how to scrutinize food freshness and safety.  It pays to know if your meat is fresh or fresh-freshan only (food coloring, nadadala sa lighting, greenness of veggie leaves, etc.)  You only want the best, the safest and the freshest food for the family and that’s non-negotiable.  That’s why it’s important to follow my next tip:

2.       Establish a Suki relationship.  Every beautiful relationship means honesty, sincerity and good rapport.  Having a regular Suki where you buy your produce gives you peace of mind that you’re getting quality food.  You can also haggle prices sometimes or if not, they give you extras as a  bonus for being their loyal customer.

3.       Buy in the morning.  Fresh meats and vegetables are delivered in the wee hours of the morning, so the earlier you market, the fresher the produce you will most likely get.

4.       Follow your meal plan.  If you don’t, it altogether defeats the meal planning’s purpose, right?

5.       Stick to the budget.  It’s a good exercise on your financial quotient and emotional quotient as well.

For more tips on meal planning, food recycling and upcycling, you could check Electrolux Little White Book Facebook page for ideas on how you could Do More With Less.  You may also get a chance to win Electrolux appliances for participating in this campaign.

How about you?  How does your meal plan look like?  Is it similar to mine?  Do share in the comments form below loves!

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