Creative Ways to Keep Kids Injury Free At Play

As mothers, we tend to be overly-protective with our kids especially when they are at play because we don't want them to get hurt or inj...

As mothers, we tend to be overly-protective with our kids especially when they are at play because we don't want them to get hurt or injured right?  But, sometimes, being too protective is not healthy anymore to their physical, emotional and psychological development.  There are many creative ways to keep our kids injury-free during active play and I will share some which I apply to them.

Since I have two active boys (the little one is bordering hyperactive haha!), they are prone to injuries.  When they get injured, I worry too much and sometimes panic.  But as their dad would always say, "Mga lalaki yan, minsan kailangan din nilang madapa at matutong tumayo..Wag kang OA" (They are boys, sometimes they need to stumble to learn how to pick themselves up.  Don't over-react!)

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Okay, fine, OA na ako minsan, but I think it's normal for moms right?  I'm guessing lalo na siguro if I had girls instead!  Actually, tayong mga mommies, we're just after their safety during play.  They could get these injuries if they are not protected.  So to keep myself more relaxed when my active kids are playing, I do the following:
  1. Dress them in appropriate clothes.  We already know that when kids are at play, they release a lot of energy therefore, they perspire a lot.  Dressing them in clothes made of light, soft and absorbent materials will lessen chances of overheating.  Make the kids wear non-slip footwear to avoid injury due to slipping.  When biking, make them wear helmets and knee caps too.
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  3. Keep them hydrated.  When at play, kids sweat a lot and they need to drink lots of liquid.  If they don't, they might collapse, especially if they play under the sun or when weather is too cool.  They may drink fresh juice or choco drink, but for me, safe water is still the best to give the children.  Personally, my choice is Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water, the safest, most-trusted by moms and prescribed by pediatricians. Wilkins follows an international quality control system and uses only state-of-the-art equipment in packing and sealing its product to ensure clean and safe quality water.  So basta water, Wilkins is top of mind.
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  4. Apply protective products on their bodies - Sometimes injuries like wounds come from insect bites.  Our kids don't notice the bites because they're bust playing, so they just scratch and scratch until that part bleeds.  Put on insect repellent on them before playing to keep them bite and injury free.
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  5. Teach them about fair play and following rules - Sometimes, when playing with other kids, injury comes from bumping with their playmates, getting in rough contact with other kids, and with the boys, sometimes it's inevitable to get into a fight.  To avoid this, before play, teach the kids about fair play and the importance of knowing and following the rules of the game.  They may find the preaching boring, so in my case, I teach things by singing to them or animating my voice.  It pretty well gets their attention.
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  6. Play in a safe and open space.  Kids are most likely to become injury-free when they play in a safe area such as a designated community playground, a gym (like a basketball court) or open field.  They may move around better, they have plenty of space to run and just be superhero they want to be.  But when playing at home, make sure they play in a clutter-free space and remember to remove sharp and breakable objects to avoid accidents at play.
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These are just some of the things I ensure when my children are at play.  You may also check Wilkins Distilled Water Facebook Community Page for more safety tips and tricks for our kids.  If you have anymore ideas on how to keep our kids injury-free at play, do share them below loves!

Have a safe play date with the kids always!

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