DIY Playhouse for Wes

When I posted a photo on Facebook of my younger son playing with his 100% mommy-made play house, a lot of my friends commented how cute the ...

When I posted a photo on Facebook of my younger son playing with his 100% mommy-made play house, a lot of my friends commented how cute the DIY Playhouse is.  Some were pushed to finally start their pending made-up play house for their kids.  Some of them said they were inspired by my DIY project and want to also make one for their child.  While the Titas and Ninang commented about how cute my little boy is for playing with a usually-girl toy, and having a blast too.

DIY Playhouse

With that, I just like to share this simple and doable DIY Playhouse for kids of any age! These are all you need:

  1. Used carton or boxes of home appliances.
  2. Scissors/Cutter
  3. Packaging Tape
  4. Drawing and Coloring Materials
  5. Creativity 
  6. Imagination
  7. Patience
I didn't spend a peso for doing this project.  I just sourced them at home.  For designing or coloring the play house, you could use material that's within your reach, no need to buy.  I just used a marker to draw the different areas of his 

Let me tour you around Wes' DIY Playhouse:
1.   Exterior - Outside, you'll see a brick-wall by the window which I cut partially, so he could open and close it.  Flowers planted by the window pane.  The simple door to the right.  Don't forget to knock before entering!
DIY Playhouse
2.     Interior - This is how the house looks when you enter the door.  The areas of this playhouse is patterned to our real house set up.
DIY Playhouse
3.     Dining Area - Upon entering his home, you'll first see the dining area where a huge wall clock, his favorite meal Sinilang, and his glass of cold milk. 
DIY Playhouse
4.     Living Rom - Care to sit down and watch Disney Junior on his 42 inch LED flat screen TV?  Also if you need to call anyone, his mingle phone is just within reach.  You could play Snake or Tetris on his phone too if you become bored. 
DIY Playhouse
5.     Kitchen - This kitchen is equipped with the world's latest technology in oven gas ranges, to ensure the food that's cooked or baked is free from bad cholesterol andd remains juicy.  Right now, he's cooking Kare-Kare and Laing to serve this lunch time for his guests. 
DIY Playhouse
Right now, Wes is texting all his friends to remind them about his invitation to his house warming.  That includes you! 
DIY Playhouse
Thank you for visiting and touring Wes' crib!  He's one of the two happiest and most imaginative little boys I know, the other one being my first-born (of course in my opinion and I'm very biased.) 
DIY Playhouse
Do you have other DIY projects using used materials such as this?  Do share below in the comments form loves.  Have a good week ahead!

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