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I'd like to think I am of Spanish descent because of my surname, Fandiño.   Hahaha!  Anything with Ñ to me most probably has a Spanish i...

I'd like to think I am of Spanish descent because of my surname, Fandiño.   Hahaha!  Anything with Ñ to me most probably has a Spanish influence.  So, when Macky and I were invited to dine at Alquria Restaurante, I felt like, hey, this is my zone!  Kidding aside, I've always loved Spanish cuisine because it's very close to our own Filipino dishes like Afritada, Caldereta and even Lechon, which all have Spanish influences.  I remember my dear friend Tricia (of authentic Spanish-speaking family) who would always invite me to their home to try her homemade Spanish menu specialties like Churros con Chocolate and Croquettas.  Because of her almost weekly invitation, I've grown love for Spanish cuisines.

Macky and I were happy to have been invited, together with other food and lifestyle bloggers, to try Alqueria's menu.
Upon arrival at the restaurant, a homey and relaxing ambiance greeted us which complemented with the warm welcoming of its staff.  It felt like we were about to be treated with meals that feel like specially home-cooked by our Lola.  True enough, when the dishes came to our table one by one, they were reminiscent of good memories of meals that pierce not only through the stomach but through the heart, like something very familiar.

"Alqueria" is an old Spanish term referring to a type of farmhouse that resembles a small castle and once served as home to many rural families in Spain. Today, Alquerias have been converted into social gathering places.  It opened in January 2014, which is another new and exciting concept under the SumoSam Group of Restaurants founded by Marvin Agustin, Ricky Laudico and Raymund Magdaluyo. The trio have also partnered with Charo Santos, Liz Uy, Mylene Dizon and Agot Isidro for this business venture.

They boast of their Executive Chef, Chef Chis Oronce who had gained extensive international experience in food and restaurant operations management.  Before joining Alqueria, he used to teach in Enderun Colleges in Taguig.  He works closely with Head Chef, Chef Roland De Gracia.  Both are the masterminds of the Spanish dishes in Alqueria which we were happy to devour on during our visit.

Here's what we had:

You could choose from these varieties: Queso Quesadilla, Pollo al Ajillo Quesadilla, Mechada Quesadilla, Chorizo Quesadilla, Carnitas Quesadilla, and Vegetable Quesadilla.   I like eating quesadillas especially when it's hot and the cheese is melting inside.  So in the batch that was given to us to taste, my favorite was their classic Queso Quesadilla.
This is only offered during their Happy Hour which is between 2pm - 7pm.  For only Php358, you and your family or friends could feast in their selection of Alqueria's finest Tapas with unlimited Sangria, Wine and Beers!  Just look at this fiesta plate:
 Of course I didn't pass when offered the Sangria.  I love the right mix of the sweetness and punch of the wine while drinking it with bits of fruits!  Sangria pa lang is party in my mouth na! :)
All Lunch Special Solo is served with Sopa de Ajo, Chorizo Rice and Iced Tea from 10AM-2PM for only Php370.

Chicharones Solo is made up of mouthwatering crispy pork crackling which any member of the family couldn't resist eating.  Personally, this came on top of my list because I love chicharon, it's my guilty pleasure.  
Chorizo Solo uses only their bestseller homemade chorizo.  It's paired with sunny side up egg which I'd like to believe many Filipinos love having with chorizo.  It instantly gives you a homey feel when you order this solo meal.
Carnitas Solo is a plate of tasty pork strips that's guaranteed to burst your appetite that you'd request for an extra rice.  I think this is the same carnitas that's in one of their quesadillas.
Pollo Al Ajillo Solo is made up of slices of chicken thigh part fried then sauteed in lots of garlic in olive oil, finished with white wine.  It had me at "lots of garlic" because I love garlic so much!  Whenever I cook, I always add a little more than the required garlic content, because other than sautee smelling really good, it boosts the meal's flavor.
Mechada Solo is a very familiar meal because if you love home-cooked Mechado, it's actually this one but with a twist.  These savory braised shortribs are surefire to hit your tummy weak spot!  You'd want to have extra rice when you order this lunch solo.
But wait, there's more!!!!

Alquerias is best known for its paellas. Choose from Paella Valenciana, Paella Carne Mechada or Paella Jamon Serrano y Foie Gras.  I always like the thickness of Paella's rice and how it matches the seafood meat drizzles with lemon juice.  If you come to Alqueria, make sure you order their Paella.
After feasting with Alqueria's main course, it's was time to have a very sweet ending with their bestseller POSTRES or desserts.  

Churros Served with Valor chocolate dip
3pcs (Classic: Php138/Chocolate: Php158)
5pcs (Classic: Php158/Chocolate: Php198)
10pcs (Classic: Php228/Chocolate: Php298)

I've told from the beginning that my friend prepares churros con chocolate whenever I visit her at home.  So having Alqueria's churros is a special moment for me because it really brings back good memories.  It's one of the desserts you shouldn't pass on.
Manchego Cheesecake (Php230)
This particular cheesecake is rich in flavor but it's not too sweet.  The cheesecake is made with melted manchego cheese and cream cheese.  It's also a to-die-for dessert menu!  I think I finished the plate of this cheesecake.
Crema Catalana (Php138)
A classic Spanish dessert made with custard and caramel sauce.  It's like Creme Brulee or in short it's like creamy leche flan.  It's definitely one of my favorite desserts and I loved its right level of sweetness as it somehow melts in your mouth.
Needless to say, with all the food we feasted on, I was really happily full and totally scrapped my diet.

The feast we experience is definitely perfect for family gatherings or celebrations.  Alquerias interiors provide a cozy ambiance perfect for families and those looking to have a place to unwind.
Alqueria Restaurante is located at the 3rd floor of Mega Fashion Hall, Building D, SM Megamall.  Please text or call +639165062659 for reservations and inquiries.  You may also like Alqueria Restaurante on Facebook for updates and promos.

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