I'm About To Be A Mrs. Tomorrow

As I write this (hope to finish this post today), we're just one day away until our BIG DAY!  Many of my friends are saying that I shoul...

As I write this (hope to finish this post today), we're just one day away until our BIG DAY!  Many of my friends are saying that I should be relaxing this week so I would not look haggard on the wedding day.  Wait, what?  What relax?  Hahaha!  The only time I remembered relaxing was when I had my nails done for three hours the other night and when Macky had a Shiatsu massage.  It was too long that we ended at 12am.  At that time, I just wanted to go to bed,but I had no more time to had my nails done anymore.  Could you check if the blush shade is pretty or  should I change to white or ecru or add a glittery design?

So, this is wedding preparation pala?  I organize events for work, but I realize that organizing your personal event, especially wedding, is more demanding.  Who's demanding?  Myself din.  I want everything to be near-perfect, but don't worry, I know it can't be.  So as much as Macky and I can, we prepared all the essentials for the wedding.

This week of the wedding day, Macky was on mandatory leave from work to be my DIY carpenter.  Our wedding theme is Rustic Shabby Chic, so imagine burlap cloth, wooden crates, wooden signage and DIY Tissue pompoms.  We did all that!  I even sewed our own ring pillow, which our elder son will carry.  Well, I just want to share these projects with you:

A photobooth signage.  One of the many wooden signage Macky made with love! :)
Wooden crate (we bought in the palengke for P20!) with our hashtag #MackyLouiseFinally
These were just some of the wedding projects we made which I will be sharing how we did in my future blog posts about the wedding.  I haven't been posting much about our wedding preps because I am in the middle of the preparation and I just have to balance my time, my energy, and I have to also manage my stress pretty well.  So forgive me for setting aside my posts for a bit, but I promise I will be writing extensively about the following:
  • Wedding Preparation Checklist
  • Wedding Suppliers
  • DIY Wedding
  • Rustic Themed Wedding
  • Practical Wedding Budget
  • How To Pull Off An Intimate Wedding
So, I'm about to be a Mrs. tomorrow!  Another chapter begins in my life.  Although, Macky and I have been together for quite a while, for me, BEING MARRIED is a big step and a much-awaited moment in our lives.  I also know that God will bless our family more because of this.  I'm excited, happy, and waaaahhh I can't explain it.  The closest I could compare what's going on in my heart is fireworks in the sky!  Please do wish me well and please help me pray for a sunny day tomorrow.  I hope I could achieve the beauty rest I deserve to have tonight so I would look my best tomorrow.  So tomorrow it is!   Things may go crazy tomorrow, I know so, but I'll leave the craziness to my coordinators.  I just want to say "I Do" to the man I am destined to be with forever.  :)

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  1. Best wishes Mommy Louise! So happy for you! :)

  2. Congratulations and Best wishes on your wedding day Mommy Louise!
    I'm so happy for you. God bless you and your family. :) <3

  3. Best wishes to you Ms.Louise GodBless!

  4. Congratulations and Best Wishes! Have a blessed union! :)

  5. leny del gallego martinezNovember 29, 2015 at 3:35 AM

    congrats and best wishes!

  6. Congratulations and Best Wishes. We can't wait for the wedding kwento ^o^


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