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It's a very rare chance for me to meet people online and instantly feel connected by reading about their life story, challenges, and tri...

It's a very rare chance for me to meet people online and instantly feel connected by reading about their life story, challenges, and triumphs.  There's one particular life and love story that I stumbled upon a few months ago while researching about destination weddings.  When I read her story, I literally cried.  I was deeply touched by her story of how she shared that God gives everyone second chances and His timing is always perfect.  This story was of Arlene Hidalgo-Briones.

At that time of reading and researching, I was also looking for a photographer for our wedding.  God talaga is always so good!  It was not an accident that I read her story.  God led me to her because she was appointed to be our wedding photographer!  I cried the first time I read her story.  I cried the first time I received a reply from her through email, and I just held back my tears the first time we met personally.  Galing talaga ni God!

Arlene Hidalgo-Briones is the owner of The Perfect Grey Photography (which I will be writing lengthily about in one of my post-wedding posts) and is also one of the co-founders of The Boudoir Dolls, together with Shayla Sanchez and Madoka Tomas.

Arlene, Madoka, and Shayla of The Boudoir Dolls Photography
Let's talk about The Boudoir Dolls loves.  The Boudoir Dolls is the first all-women boudoir photography experts in the country, aims to capture women of different shapes, backgrounds and sizes in significant moments in their life.  When I hear Boudoir, I think about women's sensuality, sexiness, intimacy, beauty, and confidence.  These qualities are what The Boudoir Dolls capture in every sessions they shoot.  The boudoir approach has always been faithfully been about romance, rawness, and revelations of women's sense of self, trials, and triumphs through classy, well-taken images.

Last October 26, The Boudoir Dolls officially launched in the Philippines with an intimate affair at the Makati Shangri-La.  I'm happy to be one of their guests to this intimate celebration.  Here are some event photos:
Beyond being a photography service, Boudoir Dolls is a community of women who empower each other.  Clients are presented with an all-women group of photographers to their fellow women, creating beautiful images that each tell a significant story, as seen in The Boudoir Dolls' distinct roster of photography services:
Boudoir You.  Highlighting woman's beauty and power as purely herself: women who have undergone trials through the form on unexpected life shifts and illnesses rise from these tribulations and reveal her new and better persona.
Boudoir Bride.  The woman's journey of finding, losing, and rediscovering love is tenderfully translated into photographs, ushering her from the life of singledom, solitary existence and heartbreak to her new role as a lover, partner, and wife.
Boudoir Bump.  They say in the ultimate scheme of things, becoming a mother is one of the most significant experiences a woman will have.  Pictures that capture her in the challenging yet blissful in-between stage of pregnancy are poignant and profoundly heartwarming.
In every service, The Boudoir Dolls highlights the woman herself, how beautiful she is, her vulnerability, strength, and power.  These characteristics are visible  via photographs that women could look back on and remember as vivid touchstones of her journey and triumphs through life.

I personally had dreamed of a boudoir photo session soon and hopefully I could accomplish that dream before I turn 40!  To know more about The Boudoir Dolls photography, visit or follow them on Facebook and IG @TheBoudoirDolls and hashtag #TheNewBoudoirDolls.

*All photos taken from The Boudoir Dolls Facebook Page


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