A Quick Hello and Life Updates (Relationship, Kids, and Wedding)

Hello loves!  I feel guilty for not updating my blog with personal stories in past couple of weeks because of my tight wedding preps and eve...

Hello loves!  I feel guilty for not updating my blog with personal stories in past couple of weeks because of my tight wedding preps and everything else in between.  I've been busy as always with work, as I've recently launched a nationwide promo.  Of course, my affairs of my heart and at home will perpetually be my life's priorities, suffice to say, medyo inuna ko mga matters about these areas.  I actually miss blogging about reflections and personal mommy stuff.  Soon yan mga loves!  I'll be soooo back!

Well, how's my matter of the heart?  Imperfect but awesome.  Like any couple, of course we argue, we kiss and make up (a lot!  that's the best part), we agree to disagree, and we work hard to keep the fire burning.  It's burning so alive and high right now, nakakapaso.  The couple's retreat I wrote about it the past really helped a lot.

The kids, they are growing up pretty fast and sometimes I fear I couldn't keep up.  My panganay who's already 12 is much taller than I am already and have some issues about his peers and love life.  I am also learning this new parenting style as he is learning his to go through the loops of his early adolescent life as well.  Hirap mga muthers!  Kakaloka!  I have to maintain being a mom/parent but at the same time be a friend and making sure the line's not being crossed.  In short, parang loka-loka na I discipline him and tell him what to do and not to do in situations, then convince him to tell me everything and ask anything he's not sure about.

The little one is a lot more clingy now than ever!  He sometimes even get jealous of his dad when he sees us hugging.  He would ask, "What about me?  No one's hugging me!"  So of course I have to explain that Daddy also needs a hug from me.  We just hug him together and sandwich him with a kiss from both of us on each of his cheeks.  Do you also experience this with your child/children who's at around the age of four to five?

Oh!  Let me update you about the wedding preps too!  It's officially 22 more days until the BIG DAY!  How do I feel?  I don't feel any preyshoore right now!! Waaaaahh!! Nakakangatog actually! I'm not very stressed... siguro soon, kapag one week before na lang.  When I think of the things I need to finalize.. ayan na, nasstress na ako.  But when I think of the things and items that I already have and already accomplished, medyo I feel relieved in a way.  I have a dress na pala loves!   I just bought an RTW gown para #KitchieNadalPeg and dating.  The boys are also going shopping this weekend for their wedding attire.  Besides, I swear it's more practical than have it made.

I already booked our photographer, my videographer, rings (gawa na sila!), the wedding and reception venue, caterer, the officiator, invitation artist, invitation printer, cake, entertainment, and my OTD coordinator.  The only things I need to finalize are the following: Florist, Stylist, Giveaways, and Program.  Other than these things, Macky and I will be DIYing stuff a week prior to our wedding day!  For your visual idea of how I envision our Rustic themed wedding to be, you may check out my PINTEREST Wedding Inspiration Board. Exciting days ahead!

So there loves.  Kayo kamusta?  How's life and do you have any advice for me about the wedding?  Thanks and until my next personal post (when things are back to normal!)!  Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Ms Louise! I actually read your previous post about the retreat and so on... I just wish you to stay strong and never forget to pray to God. I know He will guide you, your family and the soon new milestone in your life. Advance Congratulations on your wedding day and may God bless your marriage and family always :) *hugs*

  2. Hello Istin! Thanks so much for your kind words! Ang sarap matanggap ng message mo! HUUUUUUUGS!!!!!!!!!! God bless you and your family too always! <3


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