The Dove Deo Getaway, Win A Trip For Two!

What is one of the things that women are conscious about physically?  You're correct, underarms.  Of course we want it clean, smooth ...

What is one of the things that women are conscious about physically?  You're correct, underarms.  Of course we want it clean, smooth and light.  Who wants a dark underarm anyway?  Sometimes even if it's not dark, we still tend to be too shy to flaunt it while wearing sleeveless tops. Blame it to the many years of plucking, shaving, and even waxing.  These underarm hair removal actually damages our underarm skin leading it to irritation and bumpiness.

I'm glad there's one deodorant we all could trust in not only keeping our underarms odor-free but really takes care of it making it lighter and smoother.  Dove lessens underarm skin irritation with its unique 1/4 moisturizing cream.  It's the most recommended deodorant by dermatologists, as certified during a 2015 Philippine Dermatological Society convention survey.

I have been a Dove Deodorant user for years and totoo, my underarm skin's lighter and smoother.  This is Dove's commitment to women, to let our underarms experience real care so we could show them off confidently,no matter what the season may be.
And as Dove Deo takes care of women's underarms, Dove now wants to give girls everywhere a chance to experience real care through a relaxing getaway for two!  Yes!  A chance to win a trip for two to Maldives!   We all deserve a getaway especially us moms who are stressed at home at also at work.
And guess what, it's so easy to join!  Just purchase a Dove Deo box, available in major supermarkets and retail stores nationwide for the price  of your regular Dove roll-on (P89 for Dove Original, and P95 for Dove Ultimate White or Powder Soft, along with a FREE tote bag!)
Then by using the promo code found at the bottom of your Dove Deo Box, just text
DOVE DEO <space> PROMO CODE to 2600  
The winner will be contacted directly by the Dove team.  Aren't you excited?!  Join the #DoveDeoGetaway and experience real care with Dove Deodorants loves.

Here are more photos from the campaign launch which I attended with some beauty, fashion, lifestyle and mom bloggers as well:
Food is L-O-V-E!!!
Patty Laurel-Filart hosts the event.  She's with Dove's Assistant Brand Manager Jam Muñasque
Selfie with Rina of Rina's Rainbow, while eating and making mommy chikas at the same time.
Took home a lovely tote bag of Dove products with a pretty personalized bag tag.
For more information, go to,  like Dove on Facebook, follow them on Instagram (@doveph), and follow them on Twitter .


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