My Health & Fitness Journey And Discovery Of San Marino Tuna Laing

I enrolled myself in a gym a few weeks ago to officially start my health and fitness journey.  I was encouraged by one of my dearest friends...

I enrolled myself in a gym a few weeks ago to officially start my health and fitness journey.  I was encouraged by one of my dearest friends to commit to a lifestyle changing routine for my own benefit.  So, after three sessions with a personal trainer, these were some of the facts that I discovered about health and myself as well:

  • I am bordering obese. – YES.  I couldn’t believe it myself and I felt a little bad for allowing this to happen.  My body fat index comprises of 37% and at my age and height, it should only be at around 20 – 25%.  It’s sad, but at least I have a baseline and that I know what to target with my fitness journey
  • That while cardio exercises may shed off fat, there’s a constant need to build muscles to achieve a fit physique, protein is needed for muscle building which comes from meat and vegetables
  • Weight loss is achievable with ratio of 80:20, the former being food intake and latter from exercise.  So which means, I have to choose healthier meals.

Having these realizations made me decide to eat healthier to be able to achieve my fitness goals.  I now eat more vegetables and healthy meats and less of carbo food.  In my lookout for healthy food I could practically and conveniently bring to work as baon or eat at home without the hassle of long preps or cooking, I discovered San Marino Tuna Laing.  
Tuna has always been the food I turn to when dieting, not starving ha, and at the same time enjoying delicious food.  San Marino has always come up with delicious variety of products for health-conscious individuals like me.

What I like about the San Marino Tuna Laing is that it’s so convenient to bring to work because of its easy-open can and it’s ready-to-eat, perfect for people always on the go.
Since I’ve been told by my trainer to eat more of the good stuff like fish and vegetables, San Marino Tuna Laing is a good choice because it’s made of real taro leaves, coconut milk and of course, tuna flakes.  Parang kumain ka talaga ng lutong bahay when you taste it because it’s flavorful plus it’s healthy.

Perfect choice for my dieting phase because I get the nutrition I need without the extra calories.  The taro leaves naturally has Vitamins A, C, Fiber, and Protein, plus it’s good for the heart because of the Omega-3 in tuna.  San Marino Tuna Laing is great for my workout and dieting needs.
Now, there’s another alternative to our healthy food choices, apart from the usual San Marino tuna variants we buy.  We could enjoy another delicious and healthy treat from San Marino, the new San Marino tuna Laing.  It’s only Php32.00 per can of 180g.
If like me, you also are into your health and fitness journey or the more popular Balik-Alindog-Program, I encourage you to choose healthier food alternatives such as San Marino Tuna Laing.  Like the San Marino Corned Tuna’s Facebook Page to know more about San Marino Tuna Laing. #SanMarinoTunaLaing #SanMarino

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  1. sherry ann gole cruzNovember 11, 2015 at 10:41 AM

    My favorite McDonald's treat to pair with a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola is the crispy and buttery Chicken Fillet ala King! Im a certified mcdo and aldub fan.


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