My Christmas Reunion Experience

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that Christmas is a special time for me because it’s when the family get together and celebra...

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that Christmas is a special time for me because it’s when the family get together and celebrate the love we have for each other.  I’ve written stories about our small family and how every Christmas we value each other’s presence in our lives.  We make it a point to set a day to have lunch with the whole family.  Through a pot luck, we get to taste each other’s specialties, like in our case, mom’s special and creamy macaroni salad made with Lady’s Choice Real Mayo.

When mom passed away last year, the first Christmas without her was tough.  Being the host house every Christmas, Macky and I decided to slightly renovate the house by repainting it and rearranging the furniture.  Not that we don’t want to be reminded of mom anymore.  We just want to give everyone a different ambiance and different feel and not to remember the missing piece.  What actually reminded us of mom were her menu specialties, which fortunately she was able to pass on to me.
I have three brothers and two of them live far from us, one from Marikina and the other is from Singapore.  He and his family make it a point to come home every year for Christmas for our reunion.  I love seeing my nephews and just one niece all together and bonding with each other through non-stop chatting, movie watching, eating, and playing games.  They may not see each other that often, but it’s so nice to see them connect with each other and not wanting to be separated from each other anymore.
My brothers and I, who used to be enemies when we were younger (blame it to childhood and immaturity), are closer now than ever.  I adore them, I love them with all my heart.  My sisters-in-law are also the bestests!  They are the sisters I never had and I’m thankful for them, for loving and taking care of my brothers.

If I would list down the most wonderful memories during our annual family reunions, these are my top three:
  1. Kwentuhan – Imagine, our family reunions happen not so often because my other brother lives in SG with his family.  So the chikahan part about life events, updates, plans, kids, jobs, and even recalling funny or embarrassing moments when we were younger are all the topics we love talking about.  Ang sarap tumawa and mag-reminisce with the family during reunions.
  2. Exchange Gifts – Who wouldn’t want to give and receive gifts on Christmas right?  We all love this part of the reunion.  There’s always something magical about opening gifts and seeing the people you love open the gifts you gave them.  Exchanging gifts and opening them symbolizes the LOVE we have for each other.  After all, giving gifts is one of the five love communications.
  3. Kainan – After all’s been said and done, the kainan part is the most-awaited in every reunion.  And for a family like ours who loves eating, this comes on top of our favorite memories during reunions.  It’s also the moment we remember mommy all the more because of her special macaroni salad.  Every reunion and gathering is made more special and delicious with a bowl of everyone’s favorite rich and creamy Lady’s Choice macaroni salad.  She may no longer be physically with us, but she’s well remembered during our Christmas reunion meals.

Mas masarap talaga ang Pasko kapag magkakasama at buo ang pamilya.  For us, Christmas is really about spending precious time with your loved ones.  That’s why we all look forward to this reunion every year!  How about you?  What’s your most unforgettable reunion memory and how does this make you feel?  Do share your favorite Christmas reunion memory loves!

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