Safety Vacation Tips For Kids This Holiday Season

It's just a few days before Christmas loves.  I’m sure most of you who are working had most probably saved your vacation leaves to use t...

It's just a few days before Christmas loves.  I’m sure most of you who are working had most probably saved your vacation leaves to use them this holiday for that much-awaited vacation, right?  If only I had some more left, I would have done that too, like how I used to do in the past years.  But unfortunately for me, I have used up all my leaves for family getaways.

I love family vacations, who doesn’t?  It’s a time for relaxing, renewing relationships, and bonding with the people you love.  And when we do love the people we’re with during vacation, whether we travel by land or by air, we put their safety as our top priority.  When it comes to safety during trips, we especially think of our little ones more than anyone.  Personally, I’m OC when it comes to my children’s safety during vacation.

To help you mommies and daddies prepare for your holiday vacation, here are some safety travel tips:
  1. When travelling by land, make sure kids are seated at the back, secured with seat belt.  We all know that accidents could happen anytime and anywhere.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Train the kids to always buckle up whenever they’re riding a vehicle.  We should also set a good example by buckling up too.
  2. Invest in a car seat when travelling with a baby.  The baby on a car seat should face the rear side of the car.  
  3. Always hand-carry when flying on a plane or keep a bag close to you which is filled with your children’s frequently asked for essentials: safety toys, snacks, wipes, sanitizer, milk, water, and a set of extra clothes.  Should they ask for any of these, there’s no chance for you to leave them in their seats and take your attention away from them to reach far out for these items.
  4. Keep the children hydrated by giving them only the safest drinking water.  For me, there’s no other brand I trust but Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water, just like any other moms for sure.  It’s also the brand prescribed by pediatricians because Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water's distillation and disinfection process passes different stages to ensure our family drinks only pure and safe water.
  5. Bring important medicines or vitamins of your kids.  Bringing their special medicines or multivitamins will help keep their immune system strong and safe from viral diseases which we don’t know may be present in places we’d be travelling to. 
  6. When going out, protect their skin by putting on sunblock and insect repellent, wearing appropriate clothes.  
  7. Train the children what to do in emergency cases.  Another important thing is to write down and laminate your contact numbers, and to put it in their pockets.  If they already can, let them memorize your contact numbers and other emergency numbers as well.
  8. Lastly, always keep an eye on your children.  Never leave them unattended whatever happens.  It’s easy to keep them safe from danger when you put them first.
These are the things my husband and I never fail to do whenever we go on a vacation with the kids.  We put the kids’ safety on our top priority.  I’m sure we all want what’s best for our children and one of the best things we could do for them is to keep them safe.  So this coming holiday vacation, I hope you do have a fun and safe trip with the family!

For more safety tips, like Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water on Facebook or learn more through their hashtag #WilkinsCircleOfTrust.

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