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I just recently turned a year older the other day.  I'm already 37 and like most women, aminin natin loves, we get really conscious abou...

I just recently turned a year older the other day.  I'm already 37 and like most women, aminin natin loves, we get really conscious about our appearances, most especially the condition of our skin.  I have been taught at an early age by my mom how important skin care is.  I didn't take her skincare tips seriously until I turned 30.  That's the only time I started religiously doing the three-step skincare regimen which are to: Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize.

Knowing how my skin reacts to other products, I'm very particular with my choice of cleanser.  One it has to be hiyang to my face, meaning, it doesn't contain irritants that may worsen my skin condition.  I have a combination type of skin by the way.  Second, my cleanser should be able to cleanse thoroughly and remove excess oils and dirt without leaving the skin dry that it becomes too tight to smile.  These are my requirements because, I don't want to have breakouts, which I usually experience with wrong cleanser choices.

Buti na lang, I recently discovered Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash & Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash which are multi-benefit products and will be the only facial wash in the market that has Vitamin E beads to work its magic in cleansing the skin making it healthy and nourished without leaving it dry.  These are the exact formula my combi skin needs.

The two (2) new facial washes from Myra have different magics for different skin needs.  Personally, I opt for the Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash because it gently whitens the skin with its BioWhite Complex derived from plant extracts.  Since my skin is not so young anymore and had been exposed longer in the sun, some parts have discoloration.  The Niacinamide will help in evening out the skin tone and make it radiant.  Plus of course, since it's Myra, it's enriched with Vitamin E beads which protect and nourish the skin, giving it a youthful glow.  The most important part pa, is that it's hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested to be safe for everyday use.

On the otherhand, Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash which also has Vitamin E beads, has Moisture Plus formula naman which retains and seals the skin's natural moisture, keeping it hydrated and supple.  It contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract which improves skin's elasticity naman and helps keep the skin smooth and young-looking.  It's also hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested to be safe for daily use.  If you're looking for more moisture for your skin, this should be your choice.
Both has a very fragrant smell which will make you want to wash your face every now and then.  Admittedly, some of the products which worked on my skin didn't smell as pleasant.  If only I could let my blog post make you smell Myra's newest line of products: Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash and Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash.

Here's another difference pala, notice the texture of the two facial wash?  Myra VitaSmooth has a more fluidy form compared to Myra VitaWhite's texture.  If you would look closely, you'd see the Vitamin E beads that glides on your face as you lather it with Myra VitaSmooth or Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash.
Overall, the experience of using my preferred Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash is pleasant, scent pa lang winner na.  After using it, my skin feels clean and happily it didn't feel tight.  I can feel it soft and yes, perfect for my young-looking skin at my age.  What makes it easier to recommend it to you loves is that they come in practical price tags!  Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash at 50ml is only Php70 SRP, while Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash  at 50ml size is priced at Php75 SRP.

If you're looking for a new cleanser that works and for fresher, whiter skin that glows, choose Myra VitaSmooth or Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash para sa #NextLevel na ganda natin mga mommies!  For more details, like Myra Philippines' Facebook Page.

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