2015 Family Christmas Reunion

Christmas day may be over but definitely not the feeling of giving, being kinder, and most especially of love for family and friends.  I sti...

Christmas day may be over but definitely not the feeling of giving, being kinder, and most especially of love for family and friends.  I still have a hangover from our last family reunion when Daddy, my brothers and I, and each of our children gathered and bonded over loads of food, storytelling, playing, and gift giving.  Christmas is all about spending precious time with your loved ones, the family.

First, let me talk about our Christmas lunch.  We usually have a pot luck so it's more economical plus every family gets to bring their specialty food.  Of course as I've shared in my previous blog posts, I always prepare special and creamy macaroni salad made with Lady’s Choice Real Mayo which makes every reunion and gathering more special.

Other meals in our lunch menu were mom's special Turbo Chicken, my special Spaghetti, Laing, Adobo, Cake, Ice Cream, and Ube Halaya.  For a group of 12, this table of delicious food was more than enough for us.  Macaroni Salad palang, super solve na!

Sadly, my other brother wasn't able to come home from Singapore this year, but he called.  Thanks to the power of internet, we're still connected even if we're miles apart.  Although incomplete, we were still able to celebrate and feel the love we have for each other as family.  Pero syiempre mas maarap pa rin ang Pasko pag magkakasama.  Buti na lang. we managed to stay close and bonded with each other, parang it's Christmas all year-round.

Here are some family photos during this year's family reunion:
Dad and us his children, missing in the photo is my brother from SG.
The whole family
Wacky pose just like how mommy would instruct us to pose for the camera
My eldest brother in Johnly, with his family
Daddy with our growing family.  That's Macky, me, Dandre, Wes, and Baby Tummy
The youngest brother with his son.
Daddy and his grandchildren.
One more wacky pose kids!
We get to see each other oftentimes in a year, whether there's a special occasion or none.  But the bonding and celebration is different when it's Christmas.  Iba ang feeling kapag Christmas.  It's a reason not only to celebrate our togetherness but more importantly the birth of Jesus Christ.  The main reason why we celebrate this season.  It's when God ultimately showed His love for us, when He gave His only son Jesus Christ.  This love is what we should share with one another.  The love we should be sharing not just with our family, our close circle, but most importantly with others who are less fortunate than us.  For me, LOVE is the true meaning of Christmas, to share it, to give it.
Pamilya Santos in matching Maroon and Navy Blue hues.
Color-coordinated during the holidays.
Again, from our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year!  How about you loves?  How was your Christmas Reunion?  Was it also fun?  Do share loves!

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