Thank You 2015, Hello 2016!

I may be five days late from greeting everyone of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, but late's always better than never.  But then again, being late...

I may be five days late from greeting everyone of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, but late's always better than never.  But then again, being late is unforgivable right?  So that's one of my NY's goals, to avoid being late.  Anyway, due to my current situation at home, sick husband, demanding children, the slight pregnancy discomforts (aka laziness), I just got to open my laptop and write just now.

So let me start by asking, how was your 2015 loves?  Was it great?  Was it challenging?  Was it a year that you'd want to forget or keep as a standard to living the rest of the years you have?

Mine was pretty awesome, especially compared to my 2014 (when my mom passed away).  There were a lot of life, blog, and even career high moments that happened in 2015.  For that, I'm very thankful.  My relationship with Macky was also elevated of course to a super duper higher level, but we've had a major challenge as well.  With all these, there were lessons learned and insights gained.  I want to share them with you in this blog post, so expect this will be a long one.  If you don't get to finish reading until the end, it's okay, I would understand.  I just want to document what I'm thankful for in my year 2015 and my hopes for the new year.  Are you ready?

Here goes...

The Pope Experience
My 2015 was a roller coaster ride but mostly the ride was going up than dipping down.  In January, my year was instantly blessed by being able to see Pope Francis up close and personal during his visit to the Philippines.  We waited along Nagtahan Bridge for more than an hour and it all paid off.

Job Promotion 
Last 2014, I was awarded as the team's Specialist of the Year.  My promotion or upgrade came after that.  My performance allowance was also extended which financially helped our family a lot.  I know there are also other teammates who deserve the recognition and allowance, but this blessing was given to me and the family and I'm really overwhelmed and happy about it.  I made sure I put this to good use by organizing two outreach programs this year involving Macky and our kids during their birthdays.  I hope we instill the value of work discipline, of being selfless when you receive more than what you asked for, the compassion for others in need, and the heart to help the unfortunate.

The Brand New Family Car
It was a dream to finally purchase a brand new car for the family.  We prioritized renovating the house in 2012 to accommodate the growing family.  After paying off our loan, we intended to get an economical family car.  By economical, we meant a big enough car, like a 7-seater one, but which is gasoline efficient, a 1.3L would do for us.  Finally, March 27 came and we were able to cross one of our dreams in our family dream list.

The Proposal

We took the car break-in the following day when we used use going to our planned barkada family-outing in Baras, Rizal.  Little did I know, Macky was already preparing his wedding proposal a month before the outing.  I was totally clueless that he would actually do the production, from background music, fireworks, sparklers, lights, the plot, and the ring of course.  I was speechless and majorly overwhelmed by everything he did that night.  Of course I said YES!

TV5 Happy Wife Happy Life Episode Guesting
I was surprised when TV5 contacted me around April to ask if they may interview me as a resource speaker for the topic "Internet Safety".  It was a surreal moment when the whole production crew went to our house for their location shoot with Ms. Danica Sotto-Pingris.

Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water Digital Ambassador Project

In April, I was contacted by the agency of Wilkins for a one-year Digital Ambassadorship with the brand I truly use and trust.  I was one of the three bloggers to represent their brand digitally and it was an honor to be part of this project.  This launched my fifth TV commercial, but this time using my real name, as Tita Louise.  I shot the commercial with my bloggy friends Jackie of and Ginger of

Del Monte Pineapples Digital Ambassador Project
I'm happy and proud to be part of one of the brands closest to my heart, Del Monte.  I, together with Glaiza of, was approached by the brand last August to represent Del Monte Pineapple to their mommy target market.  It was indeed a humbling honor to be part of the #DelMontePineappleADay campaign because I love pineapples and my kids do too!  We consume it, we love it, and I could go on talking about benefits of it.  We've had two major event launches for this campaign already and shall continue early this year.

#MackyLouiseFinally - My Practical Rustic Themed Wedding

Finally, I married my best friend, my soulmate, my band mate, my (monkey) business partner, and the love of my life on November 28, 2015.  The intimate wedding of 70 pax attendance took place in Antipolo, quite a remote area from where we reside.  It was a simple, well-planned (by me!) and well-executed (thanks to all my suppliers) life event where we also did some DIYs!  It was a dream wedding where our union was witnessed by the people whom we only want to be there, no pressures from both sides.  I remember how beautifully the sun was shining that day for our garden wedding.  Everything went smoothly.  More than us as a couple being happy and feeling accomplished, we felt the joy and pride in our children's eyes.  We also felt the sigh of "finally" from our parents.  To us, those were the moments most precious to us.  We feel very blessed.

Baby Number 3

Life has its way to surprise us in so many ways!  We thank God for blessing us with a third child.  We really wanted one, we've been planning to have one since last year but I guess God said it wasn't time and made us wait.  The wait was worth it and having this new fast-growing bundle of joy inside me is the best gift we've received this year.  More than anything, the car, the major blog milestones, the wedding, having been chosen by God to be a mother of another child and be responsible for raising him (hoping it's a baby girl), is humbling.  Of many trying mothers and fathers, we were chosen to receive this miracle.  Indeed the best thing that happened to us this year.  We're praying it's a baby girl this time, but if not, it's okay as long as it's normal and healthy.

This rounds up my happy 2015.  I'm thankful for a beautiful year that God has blessed our family with.  There were some bumps along the way, it was all glittery and colorful.  But I'd rather not write that but instead make them my life reminders and lessons so I could pursue doing better and choosing what's right.

To summarize my 2015 learning, here they are:
  1. Put God first and trust Him in everything.
  2. Prioritize your family.
  3. Learn to say no.
  4. Nothing is permanent.
  5. Compete not with others but with yourself.
  6. Fulfill your commitments.
  7. Pursue your passion and devote some time.
  8. Sometimes we have to let go of some people in our lives.
  9. Be charitable.
  10. Teach your children by example.
With this, I wish you all a Happy 2016 loves!  Let's continue to stay positive and faithful to God and His plans for us.  We actually don't know what life may unfold this year, but whatever it may be, as long as we trust in Him, nothing could bring us down.  Good or bad, God has reasons for making things happen.  

Before I end this post, I would like to thank you my dear readers for your continuous support, for being with me since 2012.  I hope this year, I could get to meet and know some of you personally.  Thank you to those of you who went out of their way to email me, send me messages on social media and leave me blog comments with words of support, encouragement, and appreciation.  You don't know how these all mean to me.  Thank you!  Cheers to 2016 loves!  

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  1. I love how color-coordinated your family is. :D And oooh all grandsons?! Cool! I wonder if Baby Tummy is a girl or a boy? :D Happy new year, Louise and family! :)

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  3. Thanks Toni! Happy new year to you and your family too! I want to make it a point that every year the family will be color-coordinated every holiday. :) We're praying Baby Tummy is a girl. But if it's another boy.. of course we're welcoming God's gift with joy!!! :)

  4. You are truly blessed! More blessings in 2016, Louise! :)

  5. Thank you Meikah!!! :) I hope to meet you finally in person as you were one of the first few who supported me and my blog. Have a great week/year ahead! Much love ~ Louise

  6. Oh, wow, am touched Louise! :) And yeah I would really love to meet you and learn from you... Let's set? :D

  7. Yes! Let's! Diba you work in Makati lang din naman dear? :)

  8. I'm a WAHM now hehe.. but I can always go to Makati anytime! :D


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