Expert Moms Trust GSK's Ambrolex and Virlix To Fight Cough and Allergies This Summer

I take the health of my kids seriously.  That's why as I've been sharing a long time ago on the blog, I make sure I give them proper...

I take the health of my kids seriously.  That's why as I've been sharing a long time ago on the blog, I make sure I give them proper nutrition to keep them free from diseases.  Proper nutrition means giving them balanced diet by incorporating fruits and vegetables in their meals.  I'm lucky my boys are not picky eaters.

Bawal kasi magkasakit talaga, lalo na it's already their summer vacation!  School season may be out, but this doesn't mean they get to stay at home doing nothing.  I keep them busy by enrolling them in summer activities which they will truly enjoy.  But if they get sick like having colds or cough or allergies, they miss a lot of opportunities.  We sometimes think that because it's summer and the weather is hot, the less likely they could catch cough and colds.  Naku, mali.  When the temperature rises, it brings with it a variety of diseases and exposes our kids all the more.  I can't let these diseases stop my kids from enjoying the sunny season.

My healthy kids are not allowed to get sick especially during summer.  :) 
Cough and colds are quite common even during the summer because of erratic weather patterns that causes a shift in temperature.  If our children's immune systems are weak, they could easily catch the disease as they socialize with other kids during play or summer workshop classes who have cough or colds.

During the Amrolex and Virlix summer campaign launch last March 30 at the Patio of Makati Shangri-La Hotel, this was explained further by Experts from GSK through the help of Expert Moms. One of the celebrity mommies I look up to, Ms. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, hosted the event.
Rica was a perfect GSK Expert Mom because having a child who also gets cough and colds and a husband that's prone to allergies, she shared what she does to combat them and what medicines she give them.
“As a mom, I want to make sure that summer would become a memorable time for the whole family. My husband and I always make sure we take care of ourselves first so we can take care of our son, Philip. Being in tip-top shape allows our whole family to have the best summer and enjoy our vacations. Of course our priority is to keep Philip healthy, so we always make sure we are prepared with the necessary medications whenever we travel just in case he gets sick."

During the event, Dr. Shiela Chua gave more information about cough and allergies.
“Allergies don’t have to ruin your family’s summer fun. All you have to do is take note of what causes allergies among your family members and try to avoid them, so as to manage your allergy symptoms”, says Dr. Sheila Chua, GSK’s Medical Affairs Manager, and a practicing Dermatologist. “It also helps to always have a trusted allergy medication in your bag whenever you travel so you can easily address the symptoms of allergies when they occur.”

More information about cough and allergies:

  • There are generally two kinds of cough; dry cough and productive cough (cough with phlegm)2.
  • For productive cough, pediatricians can recommend protussives such as Ambrolex® (Ambroxol), to enable the cough to get rid of excess mucus in the airways
  • Should moms or their husbands also suffer from cough, Ambrolex® comes in thrice-a-day tablet and once-a-day capsule formats for adults that are both easy on the budget.

  • Another common problem of children during summer is allergies. 
  • To have allergies is to have the body’s immune system overreact to foreign substances or even a change in the environment. 
  • When the body detects a foreign or potentially harmful substance, it produces antibodies and histamine, which are then released into the blood stream to fight it off. At that point, an inflammatory reaction happens. 
  • Some of the common symptoms of allergy are asthma-like symptom such as rapid, shallow breathing, wheezing, and cough. Other symptoms that can be observed are sneezing, itchiness, or development of rashes4.
  • Allergic reactions may also be triggered by allergens or substances that can be found in food such as peanuts, milk, eggs, seafood, etc. A lot of children also develop allergies to plants, pets, house dust mites, mold spores, or medications, especially antibiotics4.
  • Allergies are not limited to children -- moms and their husbands can develop allergies too. When allergy happens, use the antihistamine that is trusted for 20 years, Virlix® (Cetirizine). It contains Cetirizine, an antihistamine that helps you manage the symptoms of your family’s allergies. 
But as a mom, I still believe that prevention is still better than cure!  That's why, again, health starts with proper nutrition and exercise as well.  Again fruits and veggies should be part of the children's diet.  But what if you have a picky eater?  Then you need to be creative and make the kids eat these nutritious food.  So GSK invited Bento Mom Kat Maderazo, to teach everyone how to create fun and cute looking bento boxes for our kids to make them eat fruits and veggies! :)
Bento Mom Kat Maderazo demonstrating how to do a simple Bento Box for the kids.
Bento mom Kat Maderazo teaches event attendees, Dr. Shiela and Rica how to make Bento Boxes.
Such a cute sample of Bento Box demonstrated by Kat
Thanks GSK for this very helpful information about cough, colds, and allergies.  As moms, may we always put their health as one of our top priorities.  As an end note, I really believe that proper nutrition is still key to strengthening our children's immune systems so they could fight these diseases.  But for times when we can't, glad to know that we can count on Ambrolex® (Ambroxol) and Virlix® (Cetirizine).

For more health tips from other Expert Moms, 

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